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Unlocking the E in ESG

A future forged by Nordic climate fintechs

Across the Nordic region, the fintech sector is at the forefront of innovative solutions in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) space – helping to drive significant advancements.

Together with Copenhagen FinTech, and with further expert insight from Finans Denmark and other Nordic fintech hubs, we conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders in the Nordic fintech ecosystem and mapped out the Nordic climate fintech landscape, highlighting their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Explore our latest report to uncover how partnerships with climate fintechs are propelling the green transition for institutions and organisations, transcending traditional financial services.

Putting the E in ESG

Discover how collaborations with climate fintechs accelerate the green transition for institutions, uncovering three focus areas to unlock ESG commitment:

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1. Change your operating model to be partnership-led, to leapfrog to the future
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2. Leverage data as a cornerstone of your strategy
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3. Act as an accelerator for the broader green transition

About the report

What is a climate fintech?

A climate fintech is a fintech typically focused on at least one of four areas:

  1. Carbon services
  2. Sustainability analytics
  3. Sustainable investing
  4. Waste reduction.

Explore case studies on leading climate fintechs

We conducted a comprehensive series of interviews with stakeholders from various Nordic climate fintechs, synthesising our findings into compelling case studies. Our team augmented these insights through internal and external interviews with experts in fintech, financial services, sustainability, partnerships, and more.

Discover first-hand how leading climate fintechs like Doconomy, Matter, Simcorp, Enfuce, and Agreena are driving sustainable change through innovative solutions. Download the report now to explore these case studies and join us in shaping a brighter, greener future.

About Copenhagen FinTech

Copenhagen FinTech is an influential innovation hub. It fosters collaboration among startups, established financial players, regulators, and academia to shape fintech's future. Through events, workshops, and accelerators, it cultivates innovation, advocating for regulatory frameworks supporting sustainability. Copenhagen FinTech is a vital force driving economic growth and financial inclusion locally and globally.

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About the authors

Søren Ameland Bligaard
Søren Ameland Bligaard PA fintech and financial services expert
Emilie Minor Christensen
Emilie Minor Christensen PA sustainability and circular economy expert
Christopher la Cour-Andersen
Christopher la Cour-Andersen PA sustainability and fintech expert

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