Nordic Fintech Trends 2022

Trends and opportunities for fintech leaders

What are the trends and opportunities before us in the financial services sector? In our new report, we look at the top Nordic trends impacting fintechs. What does this mean for financial institutions – and how can leaders best respond?

Developed in close collaboration with Copenhagen FinTech and the Nordic FinTech Alliance, our report explores the top trends impacting fintechs in 2022 and beyond.

Featuring country analysis of trends for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, we also bring together overall Nordic trends, and the steps leaders can take to respond to and help shape these.

Responding to these trends is of upmost importance to all players in the financial services sector, as well as consumers. PA supports clients with both the challenges they may be facing now, as well as the opportunities that lie ahead – ensuring that fintech leaders learn from the past while being adaptable to future trends.

Overall Nordic fintech trends 2022

Sustainability is here to stay
Wealth management is in mid-disruption mode
Open banking is more accessible and gaining traction
Regulation is tightening – but constriction creates opportunities
Incumbents are challenged to reinvent

Nordic fintech trends series

This report is a collection and analysis of trends discussed and debated during the Nordic Fintech Trends series, run in collaboration with the Nordic Fintech Alliance. Last year, six sessions were run across the Nordic region. Each session included an update from each hub, followed by a deep dive into one of the countries.

A big thanks to the five Nordic fintech hubs: Copenhagen Fintech in Denmark; The Fintech Cluster in Iceland; NCE Finance Innovation and TheFactory in Norway; FinDec in Sweden; and Helsinki Fintech Farm in Finland, who presented the latest trends, assisted with data on investments, and reviewed findings.


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