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Innovating to ensure access to cash for all

As digital payments become the norm, ensuring everyone still has access to cash is key to financial inclusion. It also helps strengthen national resilience in times of crisis. Bankomat, which operates over 75 percent of Sweden’s cash machines, wants better control over the way cash is transported across its ATM network.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts is involved in designing and delivering every aspect of a new organisation that will make this happen. The new set-up will enable Bankomat to bring vital cash-in-transit services in house for the first time in over a decade.

Bringing cash-in-transit services in house

For Bankomat, the ambition to insource services comes with big challenges. The financial services specialist has – understandably – limited experience of setting up a cash-in-transit operation incorporating secure vaults, an armoured-vehicle fleet, and a vetted workforce. Without expert support, the mission had the potential to distract the organisation from its core business.

Scale created additional complexity. Sweden is the EU’s third-largest country by land mass, reaching from sparsely populated areas in its Arctic regions to urban populations in the south. Working out the optimum position for distribution hubs and the best routes for transporting cash would be key to maximising efficiency and minimising environmental impact.

Finally, the transition to insourced services must be seamless, with no disruption for anyone who depends on cash to buy essentials such as food.

This is a major project for Bankomat. It’s one of the first times a financial services specialist has insourced cash-in-transit services. Given that the Bankomat network is a key piece of national infrastructure, there is lots at stake. We needed expert support to design and deliver the project with confidence.”
CEO, Bankomat

Delivering end-to-end expertise for innovation

Our experts have been involved from day one, flexing to meet Bankomat’s changing needs across the two-and-a-half-year project. We’re drawing on a mix of expertise – including business design, procurement, data science, HR and recruitment, and IT – to provide end-to-end support. Our team brought deep experience in the financial services and transport and logistics industries.

Our agile team structure is exactly right for this project. It means Bankomat have rapid access to the expertise they need, when they need it. In effect, our experts become part of Bankomat’s teams, ensuring the business can meet innovation challenges and hit project milestones, whatever challenges they encounter.”
Financial services expert, PA

We quickly followed up with business design expertise – creating a blueprint for the future organisation, spanning everything from ways of working and key roles to physical infrastructure and IT systems.

Fresh thinking for smarter solutions

Enabling Bankomat to minimise the environmental impact of transporting cash to over 600 locations called for innovative thinking. We introduced our data scientists who wrote an algorithm to establish the optimum configuration for routes driven by the new secure fleet as well as identifying the best hub locations.

We are now deep into project delivery. Having helped onboard senior staff for the new organisation, our team is working side by side with them. Our sourcing experts have led on identifying a new IT supplier and negotiating the contract. We’ve also negotiated contracts to build high-security facilities, as well as sourcing security equipment, the vehicle fleet, and even the uniforms Bankomat security personnel will wear.

More control, greater resilience, enhanced inclusion

The shift to a cashless society means cash-in-transit service providers are increasingly monopolising markets. By setting up its own cash-in-transit operation, Bankomat will gain more control. Beyond this, the business will continue to play an important role in making society safer. According to an EU report, cash is key to enabling savings and liquidity in times of crisis or uncertainty.

Day to day, people who cannot use other means of payment and are at risk of financial exclusion will find comfort in knowing they can continue to access cash when they need it. Financial inclusion – enabling access to financial services for everyone – is fundamental to an inclusive society.

PA’s expertise is instrumental in enabling us to deliver this innovative project to bring cash-in-transit services in house. We value PA’s insights, the breadth of their experience, and their skills in supporting delivery. They are one of us.”
CEO, Bankomat
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