The next few years will see radical changes in the insurance, life and pensions environment. Evolving customer expectations, new digital ecosystems and an increasing regulatory burden bring inherent opportunities for those able to innovate and transform continuously. That means re-thinking your relationship with customers and the role you play in their world and embracing platform-based business models to meet all their changing needs.

Our approach

Our team of insurance experts work with insurers, life and pensions firms to meet and overcome these challenges, bringing a new perspectives and deep expertise to help you retain and attract the best talent, strengthen market positioning, increase profits and secure future growth.

What we can do for you

We believe to thrive in this environment requires a willingness to radically re-think your business and implement new, agile and digitally-enabled ways of working. All underpinned by sophisticated use of data that create customer value in new ways.

We can help you:

  • Set your vision, ambition and strategy for the customer. Our deep industry expertise and unparalleled customer research and technology capabilities mean we can create new insights into your customers, their needs and the opportunities that exist for you to provide new products and services in their ecosystem
  • Help you to reimagine the target customer experience across all channels and contact points. In particular, we have over 350 digital experts who help clients achieve their ambitions
  • Embrace organisational agility at scale and transform ways of working to accelerate time-to-value and dramatically reduce frictional costs. We are a SAFe® Gold partner with over 25 trainers worldwide and over 350 trained consultants and 500 Agile practitioners
  • Find the right tools to drive efficiency and become truly customer-centric. We can help you adopt the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics to create cutting edge, personalised service to your customers
  • Re-invent your approaches to finance transformation. We have an end-to-end, ‘best in class’ solution to go beyond IFRS 17 compliance requirements and transform financial, accounting and data management to drive growth
  • Embrace proportionate approaches to compliance and risk management in line with the expectations of global regulators and good practices across the industry
  • Keep your people and culture front and centre during transformational change programmes to help you retain or develop key talent and future-focused leaders.

How we’ll work with you

We have experience working with pension providers, general and life insurers globally to find opportunity in complexity, and go further, faster.

Our experts combine world-class industry expertise with agile and collaborative ways of working that help our clients see priorities differently and successfully navigate their innovation and transformation journeys.

Contact the team

We look forward to hearing from you.