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Financial Services

We help financial services firms understand, evolve, and meet the disruptive forces of regulation, technology and changing customer expectations.

Financial services firms look to us to help them give customers the experience they expect while keeping their money and data secure. And we help them stay fast on their feet in an age where their competition is likely to be a technology company or new entrant.

Our teams of experts combine deep knowledge of banking, insurance, asset management, pensions and private equity with expertise in strategy, technology and innovation to help our clients adapt, transform and succeed.

We also understand regulators and have worked with them on some of their most far-reaching programmes, and in some cases helping to set up new regulators. This means we can help our clients handle regulation as efficiently as possible, so they can focus more of their resources on creating better products or engagement with customers.

We help you to:

  • explore the future, whether it’s new products or new ways of doing business
  • use technology to delight customers, boost efficiency and free up resources
  • make large-scale transformation happen, bringing strategy, innovation and people together
  • handle regulatory compliance without duplicating effort
  • keep systems secure to keep customers’ (and regulators’) confidence.


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