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Helping protect vulnerable groups

Our approach

Problems like child sexual exploitation, countering extremism, internet safety, modern slavery and human trafficking (MSHT) can’t be solved by a single organisation or government body. We have a long history of working with others to help vulnerable groups. For example, we’ve helped develop policy, business and technical solutions to support the global fight against child exploitation, as one of the founding technology companies of the WePROTECT Global Alliance Initiative.



What we can do for you

We work across central governmental agencies, NGOs, charities, policing, and policy, as well as industry to better protect vulnerable individuals and groups. By combining research, systems engineering, project management and technology delivery we provide the necessary holisitic set of services to tackle these complex crimes. Given our experience across a range of threats to safety, we can draw on the similarities and create responses that capitalise on this knowledge. This will be especially significant in countering radicalisation – a top national and international priority.

We can help:

  • Develop international and national strategy responses
  • Advise on adoption of legal frameworks and policy
  • Conduct operational risk assessments
  • Assess consumer services for security and safety considerations
  • Build innovative eco-systems – helping public, private and third sector organisations collaborate
  • Develop new software and data management systems
  • Establish access to new data, skills and technology suppliers through our cross-sector working
  • Support the private sector in assessing their consumer services for security and safety considerations
  • Conduct specialist forensic investigations
  • Design and deliver staff resilience programmes
  • Create AI supported responses to incidences and suspected risks or threats

How we’ll work with you

As part of our holistic service offerings we’ve assembled a multidisciplined team drawn from across the private sector, cyber, government services, police response, third sector, international development, technology, social media and policy. We’ll employ our innovative approach to problem-solving to help you find the most impactful solution. And we’ll work with you each step of the way.



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