Secure Futures

Building a safe, secure, sustainable future for all

Safe, secure, sustainable. These are the goals of an effective approach to national and international security. But creating a secure future is complicated by the evolution of major global shifts – the climate emergency, increasing societal pressures, technological disruption, and space and security. The connections between theses shifts increase their intensity.
Only collaborative and globally unified strategies can reframe challenges into opportunities. Drawing on our knowledge and experience across the breadth of defence, security, and the wider public sector, our exclusive research explores:
Five paradoxes that perplex leaders

Holistic thinking across perceived paradoxes can find unity in opposites, inspiring new answers.

Five solution areas that can spark practical progress

Investing in five key solution areas can strengthen the security ecosystem and open a world of possibility.

To create a secure future, think holistically

The interconnectedness of global threats calls for collaboration, and an opportunity mindset that sheds siloes and prioritises mutually beneficial partnerships.

Current and future security leaders can help to create a secure future by shifting from binary to holistic thinking across five key paradoxes:

  • Focused + Broad
  • Strategic + Tactical
  • Global + Local
  • Technology + People
  • Autonomy + Protection.

Seeing the opportunities within perceived paradoxes can help leaders to create a more safe, secure, sustainable future. Five key solution areas are central to meaningful, lasting success:

1. Take an integrated world view

Put collaboration first, embracing partnership approaches to whole-system change.

2. Communicate purpose, make it personal​

Reconnect with citizens, build trust, and bring them with you as national security partners.

3. Unlock insight through the power of data​

Use relevant knowledge and insight to enable better decisions.

4. Reimagine critical infrastructure​

Reimagine critical national infrastructure in light of changing global dynamics. 

5. Optimise the talent opportunity

Build critical cross-sector skills, harness aptitude, and scale.

Almost every organisation does some kind of future orientated studies. But there’s also a need to deal with the here and now, and build alliances and partnerships for today as well as in the future.”

Our Secure Futures series is developed for, and with, the global security community. We invite you to join us as we continue to explore the practical creation of a secure future for all.

We tackle complexity through collaboration

Since PA was founded during World War II, we’ve been at the centre of defence and security innovation. Our experienced industry professionals build innovative systems and solutions that transcend traditional boundaries, bringing new ideas and bigger perspectives.

We help clients navigate new shifts by:

  • Understanding whole system thinking to activate high-impact operational collaborations
  • Embedding digital and data to inform decision-making and prioritisation, keeping nations safe in a digital world
  • Applying deep knowledge to develop tech-enabled, science-based solutions for real-world scenarios
  • Maximising value and sustainability in end-to-end supply chains
  • Enhancing talent acquisition and retention strategies through people and change expertise
  • Delivering excellence and innovation through complex programme delivery.

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