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While geopolitical tensions are driving demand and manufacturing backlogs, evolving technologies have heightened threats and their complexity, requiring innovation, long-term investment, and major systems change.

Streamlining your efforts will alleviate some challenges, but it's people who will uncover true solutions — leaders who inspire innovation, and teams that are continually reinforced and reskilled. And no one entity can succeed alone. Responding to the world’s defence and security challenges requires strategic partnerships and knowledge-sharing across the whole defence enterprise.

Working together

Collaborating across the public and private sectors, we work both for and with our industry clients and partners. We bring a combination of business, engineering, science, and innovation expertise. From AI to quantum computing, our engineers, scientists, transformation, and people and change specialists will help you boost delivery and performance, reinvent your workforce and culture, and innovate through engineering for sustainable success.

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Boosting delivery and performance

Drive efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and resilience in programmes, design, production, and supply chains. Together, we'll help you innovate, be more agile, and make lasting improvements to your performance.

Reinventing your workforce and culture

Tackle workforce acquisition, development, and retention to deliver and accelerate next-generation defence programmes. We'll support you in creating a culture that helps your people deliver, underpinned by a leading employee experience.

Innovating through engineering

Deliver innovation and complex programmes through engineering know-how that exploits technological advances. We’ll collaborate with you to deliver tangible results.

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