Aerospace, defence, and security industries

Unprecedented global changes have brought into sharp focus how the defence and security industry operate and manage change. And there is a once in a generation opportunity for industry to reassess how they keep people safe and protect people.  

At PA, we are experts in making change happen. We see opportunities for transformation and help you make the most them.

Our approach

Strong relationships across the defence enterprise and a deep understanding of defence and security acquisition strategies and processes, enables us to provide the strategic insights that make the valuable difference within the aerospace, defence and security industry.

What we can do for you

We provide the expertise sought by companies to generate long-lasting and tangible results. We've worked with global prime contractors, to private equity investors and small start-ups to help increase revenue, introduce cost efficiencies and improve programme performance

We offer tailored help drawing on our range of expertise, including:

Behaviour transformation

We're experienced in developing the skillsets needed for change and transformation having worked with clients in transforming cyber defences for stronger business outputs.

Competitive Intelligence

Our team can develop scenario-based analysis that review the military operational environment and the competitive landscape to reveal trends and impact on demand, use modelling techniques to forecast future demand for platforms and services, as well as determine the outlook of future business models.


We're able to identify significant cost savings and secure value by supporting the implementation of new partnering agreements thanks to our product cost optimisation expertise and automotive experience.

IT transformation

Our diverse team of experts can help support the increase in collaboration across business units and underpin future growth.

New capabilities

We use innovative techniques to rapidly deliver new capabilities to protect deployed military forces.

How we’ll work with you

We work with our clients by anticipating the future, championing innovation and unlocking new potential. We create exceptional results by bringing together a breadth of expertise and challenging conventional thinking when required. Our clear-sighted analysis makes us a trusted adviser to CEOs and senior executives.

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