Women in Defence UK

Since its creation in 2011, PA have played a supporting role in the development and growth of Women in Defence UK. From hosting briefings to sponsoring the annual awards, PA have helped the LinkedIn group celebrate and recognise the achievements of the men, women and teams working in the defence of our nation.

Women in Defence UK exists for a community of people who wish to promote the value of women in defence. Gender balance in defence and security will not happen by chance. It will require a concerted effort across the enterprise, changing the overall dynamics, making defence a better place for women and men and ultimately, improving the output of defence. Their aim is to encourage women to succeed authentically, share experience, build networks and encourage talent at all levels to join the defence sector.​

At PA we’re delighted to have been a part of Women in Defence UK from the start and are proud to see what it has become. As Global Head of People and Talent, and someone who has worked in the sector for the last 10 years, I see the importance of diverse teams and the impact that they can have and the work of Women In Defence across the defence enterprise is truly incredible for the sector. We look forward to continuing to provide support and importantly recognise and celebrate the incredible achievements of those working to make a difference in the defence and security sector.”
Global Head of People and Talent

Women in Defence UK aim to bring impact and their vision embodies how they will do this:

Inspiring – We promote brilliance

We reward and showcase the very best of women working in defence of the nation. Our award winners inspire women and men of all ages and experience across the defence enterprise.

Demonstrating – We focus on the force multiplying effect

We transition to a proactive approach to clearly demonstrate the collective impact and ultimate value women bring to UK and global defence.

Challenging – We ask why

We have the uncomfortable conversations where needed to constructively challenge the status quo. In 2018, we elicited jubilation and euphoria and anger and infuriation. In 2019, expect more of this!

Developing – We help woman to flourish

We support women to develop and hone the skills they need to maximise their collective and individual impact and improve the overall output of defence.

We are proud to be signatories of the Women in Defence Charter – PA is committed to be the very best at driving inclusion and diversity within their organisations and providing opportunities for women to succeed at all levels.

Women in Defence UK Awards 2022

First held in 2016, the Women in Defence UK Awards celebrates inspirational work and promotes the value of women in the sector. Since its launch, over 2400 nominations have been made and this year’s awards are set to be the biggest yet. We’re proud to be the founding partner of Women in Defence UK and look forward to your support this year and in future.

Nominations have now closed for the 2022 Awards

Awards Categories

  • Inspirational Award
  • Outstanding Contribution Award
  • Most Collaborative Award
  • Resolute Spirit Award
  • Emerging Talent Award
  • Innovation and Creativity Award
  • Unsung Heroines Award
  • STEM in Defence Award
  • Equality of Opportunity Award
  • Inclusive Teamwork Award

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