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Defence and security

Threats to national security are constantly evolving, whether they’re military, cyber or terror. So organisations must evolve to meet them. We help government organisations and police forces reshape and reorganise to counter threats and keep people safe. And we help aerospace, defence and security businesses anticipate and meet their clients’ needs.

Our diverse teams of experts work with government agencies and private sector companies to make them more efficient so they can handle budget pressure, and more responsive so they can prepare for the future.

We help our clients resolve strategic conundrums, like making sure the armed forces have enough people with the right skills and judging when to overhaul equipment and technology. We do it by taking the time to understand each challenge and opportunity instead offering an off-the-shelf solution. And we work with individuals, teams and entire workforces to ensure everyone is clear on their purpose and that culture change sticks.

We combine unrivalled sector insight with specialist expertise drawn from different industries and geographies. This means the solutions we develop are both innovative and pragmatic.

Whether you operate in the public or private sector, we can help to: 

  • increase the contribution of defence to national prosperity
  • strengthen national security to protect the public and save lives
  • promote innovation to maintain operational advantage
  • deliver greater productivity from the available resources
  • increase revenue, reduce costs and improve programme performance
  • address the technology, people, organisational and cultural aspects of change.


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