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PA’s sponsorship of RS Feva UK National and World Championships

Developing tomorrow’s Olympic sailors

PA and RS Feva competition logo

PA began sponsoring the RS Feva UK Nationals and World Championships in 2015, with its goal of helping the next generation of sailors reach their full potential. Our support of RS Feva allows us to recognise the importance of sport and competition in the development of our leaders of the future.

The RS Feva leads the world’s development of junior double-handed sailing and the events are the training ground for the high-performance boats of Olympic sailing. More than 360 young sailors from over 20 countries will participate in the RS Feva World Championships, with over 250 sailors participating in the UK Nationals. 

Our work with RS Feva

We are proud to support many non-profit organisations worldwide and focus our work on ‘making the difference for young people’ – providing the skills, confidence and opportunities they need to fulfil their ambitions and create a brighter tomorrow.

Read more about how we are making the difference for young people worldwide

“Our sponsorship of the RS Feva UK Nationals and World Championships recognises the importance of sport and competition in the development of our leaders of the future. We are excited to be sponsoring this competition and wish all entrants good luck in their preparation.”

Alan Middleton, PA Consulting Group’s Chief Executive Officer

PA's 2017 sponsorship

Spring Championships

On 25 March, PA’s Adam Freeman-Pask, a former Team GB Olympic rower, delivered a motivating after-dinner speech on "Inspiring to Improve" aimed at sharing his experiences and techniques of being an Olympic athlete, inspiring the young sailors to realise their full potential. He also announced the launch of our next spinnaker competition.

Spinnaker Competition

In March, we launched the RS Feva Spinnaker competition, which ran for approximately 2 months closing on Friday 12 May. This year’s competition asked participants to capture and share on Instagram a moment that ‘inspires, encourages and pushes you to get out there and continue to improve your sailing’. We had a brilliant 37 entries! The two lucky winners were awarded a brand new spinnaker to use at the UK National Championships.

UK National Championships

The RS Feva UK National Championship will take place from 27-30 May at Royal Torbay YC. The promenade will be lined with the PA logo on a-wash of feather flags, partnered with some fun giveaways ready for a fantastic days sailing! PA will also be delighted to handout Land Rover BAR caps to some of the winners, and also a very special prize to the overall champion – a private tour of the Land Rover BAR base for themselves and friends!

World Championships

Next to look forward to will be the World Championships held in The Netherlands from 21-27 July.

RS Feva 2016 UK Nationals
Ben Ainslie and Phil White

PA has joined Land Rover BAR in their challenge to win the America’s Cup in 2017, through which we are donating our world-class technical expertise to strengthen Land Rover BAR’s bid to bring the America’s Cup home to Britain.

Land Rover BAR has core technical, design and engineering knowledge – but the broad sweep of modern scientific and technological advancement means there will always be opportunities from other industries. Together, PA and BAR have launched the Technical Innovation Group (TIG) to bring together the best of British industry to contribute to this unique technical and sporting challenge.

To find out more about our Land Rover BAR partnership, click here

PA's technology and innovation heritage

Our work in technology and innovation represents a unique combination of industry expertise and exceptional engineering capability. At our dedicated Technology Centre in Cambridge, UK, we create lasting impact for clients through consumer-led innovation, cost optimisation and business model implementation. For much of our 70-year history, we have been responsible for the development of  many ground-breaking products, the influence of which are still felt today – from award-winning micrometers to the original brushless servomotor, from 4G wireless test equipment to the world's first pre-filled disposable auto-injector.

Read more about our work in technology and innovation heritage

Contact us

To find out more about our capabilities in innovation and technology management, please contact us.


Please fill out the form below to enter the competition. Responses to the question should not exceed 200 words and must be submitted by 9pm on Monday 11th April.

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Complete entry form below

In their effort to win the America's Cup, Land Rover BAR has to combine skills in design, technology, innovation and sporting excellence. From the options below, which do you think is the most important to the team and why? 

(1) Aerodynamics (wing, platform aero)

(2) Hydrodynamics (Hydrofoil and rudders)

(3) Systems and sensors (power generation, data gathering)

(4) Sailing skills and Human Machine interface (Sailor technique, teamwork, communication, controls and information display)  

As all entrants are under 18 years of age, we require a parent or guardian to provide contact details:

Please note: The Parent/Guardian Address is where the spinnaker is sent unless another address is provided.  

Please confirm you have read the competition terms and conditions »

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