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PA's Raspberry Pi competition

Making the difference by inspiring the engineers of the future

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One of the most exciting innovations of recent years is the Raspberry Pi. This affordable credit-card sized computer aims to educate the next generation of software and hardware engineers in programming. Recognising its potential, we teamed up with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to launch an annual competition that challenges school children, students and programmers to use a Raspberry Pi to make the world a better place: from innovating to help the environment to improving health and well-being.

We would like to congratulate all the finalists for their remarkable contribution to PA's Raspberry Pi competition and wish them every success with their innovations in the future.

If you would like to hear about our next competition for 2015/16, please use the form at the bottom of the page to register your interest and we'll be in touch as soon as the competition is launched!

2015 Competition finalists and winners

PA Raspberry Pi Competition Final 2015 [RohDs_tfWN0]
PA Raspberry Pi Competition Final 2015
  • PA’s Primary School Award: academic years 4-6 winner:

FitDog - William Law CE Primary School

Their project is a robot dog that aims to encourage children to exercise. The dog (his name is Bolt) provides motivation for the child and is programmed with the following phrases: ‘keep up the pace', ‘keep moving’ and ‘do twenty star jumps!’.

Finalists: Pi n’ Mash, St Mary’s CE Primary School; The Green Pi Team,
Bowmansgreen Primary School 

  • PA’s Secondary School Award: academic years 7-11 winner:

Pi-Scription - The Liverpool Blue Coat School

They have created an automatic prescription dispenser that works using QR codes given to patients by their doctors. The patient simply takes the QR code to the machine which recognises the code and dispenses the required prescription. Their system aims to make the whole process of picking up a prescription hassle free, as the prescription is picked up instantly at the surgery with no need to visit a pharmacy. 

Finalists: WHS STEM Club, Wales High School; Lavant Pi, Lavant House School

  • PA’s Sixth Form and College Award: academic years 12-13 winner

Revolution Pi Truro and Penwith College

Revolution Pi is an innovative way to control your computer. Using a small camera situated in an easy-to-mount case, it can track your eye movement and consequently relay this to your computer screen. It allows the user to be able to move the mouse anywhere just by looking. The thinking behind the invention was to allow those without the ability to easily manoeuvre a mouse, such as amputees or those who suffer from rare diseases like motor neurone disease, to be able to communicate effectively with a computer and make use of all the benefits it can offer.

Finalists: Team Collyers, The College of Richard Collyer; Dr Pi, Haileybury

  • PA’s Young Entrepreneur Award: undergraduate team winner

Hamoudy - University of Birmingham
This is a wireless, internet-connected doorbell. When a person rings your doorbell, it can perform various actions such as calling your phone so it can be used as an intercom, texting you, emailing you with a photo of the person who is at your door, tweet you or live stream HD video locally and on YouTube. This invention could be used in care homes when an elderly patient requires assistance from a nurse, or in an ill person’s home, they could contact the nurse directly and quickly for instructions.

Finalists:  CHOJO, University of Liverpool; Dreamer, University of Liverpool

About the 2015 competition

In 2015, we challenged entrants to invent something that will help people live healthier lives. They could create anything from a system to streamline a major hospital’s processes and make it more efficient, to an ingenious health and fitness programme tailored to an individual’s needs. Wearable technology is another area that has the potential to transform healthcare – whether encouraging healthier behaviour, ensuring better interventions or driving more successful treatment.

Raspberry Pi image 300 x 215 px wide

The competition included the following categories:


  • PA’s Primary School Award: academic years 4-6
  • PA’s Secondary School Award: academic years 7-11
  • PA’s Sixth Form and College Award: academic years 12-13


  • PA’s Young Entrepreneur Award: open to all of those enrolled on a full-time university course

What do entrants get for winning?

  • The winners of each School category will receive £1,000
  • The winner of the University category will receive £1,000

Previous competitions

In past PA Raspberry Pi competitions, winning entries have included an air quality and weather surveillance station, a robot that helps you with household recycling and a system that allows drivers to locate empty car park spaces in cities and towns.

See videos of the innovations from previous competitions below.

Find out more about our previous competitions here.

The PA Raspberry Pi competition 2014 [x_-ngDlclw0]
The PA Raspberry Pi competition 2014
The PA Raspberry Pi competition 2013 [m_dWEk53ul4]
The PA Raspberry Pi competition 2013

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Technology and innovation at PA

Our work in technology and innovation represents a unique combination of industry expertise and exceptional engineering capability. At our dedicated Technology Centre in Cambridge, UK, we create lasting impact for clients through consumer-led innovation, cost optimisation and business model implementation. For much of our 70-year history, we have been responsible for the development of  many ground-breaking products, the influence of which are still felt today – from award-winning micrometers to the original brushless servomotor, from 4G wireless test equipment to the world's first pre-filled disposable auto-injector.

PA's technology and innovation heritage

Career opportunities at PA

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