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We give our time and expertise to develop and inspire people, particularly those facing disadvantage, to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow, applying their ingenuity to solve the world's biggest challenges. We do that by creating and running impact-driven initiatives at a firm-wide level and by partnering with organisations in the places we live and work to offer our assistance pro bono.

Generation Success

Our partnership with Generation Success seeks to empower young people from diverse backgrounds to achieve their career aspirations. We provide long-term mentoring opportunities through PA people and have proven success in supporting participants in to decent work opportunities.

PA Raspberry Pi Competition

The ingenuity of children is remarkable. So, we give it a place to thrive. Our annual Raspberry Pi Competition promotes STEM education by challenging school children to invent something that benefits society. Using the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, they’ve improved our experiences of transport and travel, tackled sustainability challenges and helped people live healthier lives.

Women in Tech

Diversity is key to unlocking ingenuity – the competing opinions of a diverse team of experts generate the most successful innovations. Yet women hold only a fraction of digital jobs. So, we’re inspiring a new generation of women to get into tech.

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Young people from all backgrounds deserve a chance to succeed. That’s why we’ve created our Springboard work experience programme, which gives disadvantaged students the chance to develop their skills and learn from our experts.

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Women in Defence UK

For centuries, defence was a male-dominated sector. The contribution of women and the importance of diversity is invaluable. To recognise and celebrate this, we’re founding partners of Women in Defence UK.

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