The Economist Educational Foundation

Empowering children with essential skills for their future through high-quality discussions about the news.

Through our partnership with The Economist Educational Foundation, PA volunteers support young people to develop their critical thinking and oracy skills, by exploring and debating discussions on topical news stories with a STEM theme; such as Artificial Intelligence, nuclear power, and space.

In 2023, we directly supported 120 young people to have inspiring, open-minded discussions about STEM topics in the news. The Topical Talk resources funded by The PA Foundation have reached over 16,000 students worldwide.

The PA Foundation and The Economist Educational Foundation
I liked the debate because it allows me to analyse how people can think about an argument.”
I enjoyed working with students and hearing their perspectives and helping them to understand different scenarios.”
It's something different that students seem to enjoy. It often allows those who don't see themselves as 'good' at English to show great general knowledge. I also think that it's important students have a space to discuss topical issues that may not be covered through the usual curriculum.”

About The Economist Educational Foundation

The Economist Educational Foundation enables 10- to 16-year olds to join high-quality discussions about the news. Their classroom and online discussions empower children all around the world with the knowledge and skills they need for the future.

Our partnership with PA and The PA Foundation allows us to tap into the expertise of PA as a business and support more children to develop STEM knowledge and skills. PA always brings the best experts to the table whilst trusting in our pedagogical expertise for how to get young people talking about the news. This mutual trust means we can be more ambitious and creative with our plans - which has had a fantastic impact so far!”
Head of Partnerships, The Economist Educational Foundation

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