Generation Success

Empowering young people from diverse backgrounds to achieve their career aspirations.

Through our partnership with Generation Success, we provide long-term mentoring opportunities through PA people and have proven success in supporting participants into good work opportunities.

Alongside our mentoring initiative, we have helped over 250 individuals with bespoke skills training through career events and masterclasses to equip this generation of talent with the confidence and tools to thrive.

We believe mentoring can be a life changing experience for those involved and is a way for PA people to play a part in helping to advance social mobility to create a positive human future.

In 2023, together with Generation Success, we supported 120 young people from diverse backgrounds through mentoring and received the ‘Mentoring Programme of the Year’ award at the Generation Success Equality Awards 2023.

PA Mentoring programme with Generation Success

About Generation Success

Generation Success is dedicated to unlocking the potential of young people across the UK. Founded on the principles of social mobility, diversity, and inclusion, their mission is to ensure that career success is accessible to all, regardless of background.

Our collaboration with PA has been a testament to the power of ingenuity in driving social change. The dedication and resourcefulness of PA people has not only enriched our mentoring program, but also reinforced our belief that, together, we can engineer a fairer world where career success is based on merit, not circumstance.”
Founder and CEO, Generation Success

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