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PA unites design, engineering, and science, to create new growth platforms for clients

02 March 2023


PA, the global firm that’s bringing ingenuity to life, announced today an exciting growth opportunity for clients, as it brings together its unique design, engineering, and science skills, with PA’s wider end-to-end innovation capabilities. The combined team will partner with the ambitious to envision and create new growth platforms for clients: their brands, products, services, and experiences.

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Led by PA’s Chief Innovation Officer, Frazer Bennett, this initiative is the next evolution of PA’s strategy to integrate a global portfolio of top design, engineering and innovation firms it acquired, including Sparkler, Essential Design, Astro Studios, Cooper Perkins, and most recently Design Partners.

The move brings together an exceptional network of creative studios, research labs, engineering centres and their teams, to unite advanced thinking and creativity, with a global capability to build and implement future solutions.

This combined force is able to accelerate innovation and empower clients to become the businesses they aspire to be. And this combined force now has one name - PA.

Frazer Bennett has been a leader at PA for more than a decade, helping clients and PA teams harness human ingenuity to accelerate innovation and revitalise organisations. He has taken up the role of global lead for design, engineering and science, to help tackle clients’ most challenging business opportunities, and redesign how people thrive, and businesses grow.

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With a history of innovation spanning decades, this team is delivering, award-winning innovations for clients including:

  • Danu Sports – creating a new way to measure and analyse athletes’ gaits during activity
  • Evolv – engineering the first touchless detection system for scanning people as they walk
  • Guide Beauty – designing a revolutionary new and inclusive breed of beauty products
  • Genentech – building a device simulator to test physical effects of drug auto-injectors
  • HealthBeacon – developing a better, more connected care-management system
  • Hydrow Wave – bringing an on-water rowing experience to the masses
  • Logitech X Shroud - designing a gaming mouse to reflect the influence of a legend
  • Microsoft – partnering to create the highly successful XBOX 360 gaming console
  • Nike Fuelband – developing the fitness tracker that changed how we work out
  • Ori Biotech – revolutionizing the manufacturing of life-saving cell and gene therapy manufacturing technology
  • OZEV – using design to accelerate public adoption of zero-emission road transport
  • Viscero ECG Vest – A revolutionary, wearable heart-monitoring device
  • Wildtype –designing the brand, visual identity and digital strategy for a revolutionary food product
The future is being imagined, designed, and delivered by people harnessing the power of ingenuity. The talented teams who have joined PA are an inspiration, and the work they do is central to our purpose. It is an honour to see how our design, engineering and science teams champion the call to move humankind forward, every day.”
CEO, PA Consulting
Great minds don’t think alike. That’s why bringing these diverse teams together is an incredible opportunity for our clients and for our own people. Success calls for the perfect blend of insight, born of experience, and imagination from some of the most creative people on the planet. Add to this our network of incredible design studios, research labs and engineering centres, and you have a unique opportunity to conceive, build and implement new growth platforms.”
Global Head of Design, Engineering and Science, PA Consulting

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