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Evolv Technology Express

Developing a first-of-its-kind weapons detection system

The first touchless weapons detection system capable of simultaneously scanning groups of people as they naturally walk through without slowing, stopping, emptying pockets, or removing bags.

With years of experience in the weapons detection industry, Evolv Technology launched the development of a new product to expand their offering and reach a broader market — a system with unprecedented throughput that would enable venues to provide safety for their visitors without compromising the visitor experience.

To realise an interactive demonstration at a fast-approaching trade show, Evolv partnered with us to translate their proof of principle prototype for the Evolv Express™ into a functional, cosmetically-representative prototype.

Evolv Technology Express

We began by working with Evolv’s team to identify the top priorities and challenges, understand the intent of the concepts created by their industrial designer, SchmietaPlus, and define specifications for functionality, manufacturability, and reliability.

To apply Evolv’s innovative electromagnetic scanning technology, the engineering team optimised mechanical and electrical performance with the selection of specialised materials and production processes. After assembling and testing the prototypes in our San Francisco office, we shipped the system in custom crates to Evolv where we assisted with reassembly.

Evolv Technology Express
Evolution of custom crating

With these prototypes, Evolv was able to demonstrate their technology to thousands of booth visitors with an experience that had been a concept just a few months earlier, substantially raising the value of the business.

Evolv Technology Express
The engineers are a special forces group that make the impossible happen.”
Founder, Evolv Technology

In response to user feedback, our teams improved the portability of the units. With an intuitive interaction as a priority, we took into consideration the fundamentals of weight, force, and movement. The resulting experience allows a single individual to both easily maneuver the units and lock them into place.

Evolv Technology Express
Before: units required casters and two individuals to move

Finally, in order to meet fast-growing demand for deploying the Express in the United States, it had to first meet Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines for radiated and conducted emissions. Working with Evolv’s electrical engineering team, we methodically assessed and reduced emissions, therefore complying with the FCC regulations.

Evolv Technology Express

Evolv came to us at a critical point for the company. Our partnership resulted in a remarkable product that serves Evolv’s mission to return confidence and peace of mind to people visiting public spaces.

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