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Agile transformation and delivery

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Greater customer expectations. Getting products and services into market faster. Increasing regulation. Regardless of industry, many organisations are having to do more, and often with less – whether that’s time, people or budget.

Taking an Agile approach, at both a programme or organisational level, is proven to help business leaders not only deal with these challenges but also to thrive and grow. But achieving the benefits of Agile is more than just a methodology – it must be supported by the right leadership, culture, governance and organisational structure.

We have extensive experience in leading successful Agile programmes for organisations around the world – including the largest Scaled Agile transformations in banking, life sciences and the UK Government. With over 350 qualified Agile practitioners, we combine Agile techniques with deep industry expertise and knowledge in delivering long-lasting business change.

What does an agile organisation look like?

customer feedback

Rapid and ongoing understanding of what your customer wants is essential to drive value.

time to value

Organisations deliver to customers in short cycles. Shortening time to value enhances the financial performance of an organisation and makes customers happier.

A start-up

Through an empowering, collaborative, entrepreneurial culture, employees take ownership of company outcomes. This gives better engagement and improved morale.

to change

Using higher-fidelity and lightweight processes, organisations find it easier to pivot their focus according to priorities and value. The organisation is always working on what is most important at any given moment in time.

A simplified

Agile organisations have fewer layers, a reduced management overhead and seek to build simplicity in. This makes organisations less brittle under change.

How we can help

Our world-leading approach helps organisations become more innovative, efficient and effective, and create customer and business value faster. 

Agile transformation: We help identify why and how an orgnisation needs to transform. Our proven approach includes leadership, culture, HR, sourcing and business design and strategy. 

Agile delivery: We deliver an organisation’s change agenda using an Agile approach. We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in DevOps, programme set-up, delivery, technical expertise, training and coaching.


  • Transition strategy and management
    • Business case development
    • Transformation planning
    • Enterprise transition management
    • Change management
  • Agile operating models
    • Value-stream based business design
    • Supporting function design (HR, procurement, finance, audit)
  • Capability and culture development
    • Team training and coaching
    • Leadership training
    • Agile talent management
  • DevOps
    • DevOps strategy and investment case
    • Architecture


  • Delivery leadership roles
    • Product management and ownership
    • Release train management
    • Customer/user experience
  • Micro-service architectures
  • Digital engineering pods
    • Fully formed Scrum delivery teams
    • Individual Agile delivery roles
  • Continuous delivery enablement
    • DevOps tooling implementation
    • Delivery pipeline automation
  • Agile business change
    • Business change strategy
    • Continuous change management

World-class capability and expertise

We are a SAFe © Gold partner, with over 20 SAFe © Program Consultants (SPC), over 350 certified SAFe © Agilists (SPA) and over 500 Agile practitioners worldwide.

Over the last five years, we've delivered over 60 successful Agile programmes for our clients, including the largest Agile transformation in banking, life sciences and the UK Government. Our experts combine deep understanding of Agile together with in-depth industry experience.

Our experience

Supporting their Agile transformation

UK Government
Leading the Agile delivery of a £200m IT programme to transform core services

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
Using the latest technology to manage research studies with the potential to save lives

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