Watch: Sharing the secrets to agility at SEACON 2022

By Sam Bunting

Accelerated change is a constant in our world today. And that means uncertainty is here to stay.

For organisations to embrace this uncertainty and thrive, they need structures and cultures that enable ongoing evolution – they need organisational agility. Scaling an agile operating model across an entire organisation creates adaptable, customer-focused teams that can respond to the world at pace. And that unlocks opportunities for growth.

Of course, achieving these benefits isn’t always simple. Having supported hundreds of organisations to become more agile, we’ve seen the variety of challenges the change creates, from leadership buy-in to gaps in people capabilities.

We’ve also seen how to overcome such challenges and defined the secrets to success through conversations with global organisations across sectors. Our Head of Organisational Agility, Sam Bunting, spoke at the Study of Enterprise Agility Conference (SEACON) to share the four necessities for making organisational agility a reality. Watch the video below to hear Sam’s insights.

Sam Bunting at SEACON: Making organisational agility a reality

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