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Reliability analysis

Helping utilities reduce outage interruptions and enhance operational performance

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Analyse your reliability data and historical performance, model the impact of your reliability improvement programs, and determine that you’re making the right decisions for your organisation and customers with our ReliabilityOne® analyser.

Our ReliabilityOne® analyser enables utilities to understand data from various sources, improving visibility and understanding across the organisation so leaders can make decisions quickly and accurately.

Advanced analytics for utility reliability improvement

Our ReliabilityOne® analyser helps answer critical questions quickly to inform your most important decisions. It helps engineers figure out the most effective way to minimise the number of outage interruptions and their durations by:

  • increasing the visibility of reliability data through one comprehensive tool
  • promoting better data management practices
  • integrating data from various sources to provide coherent analysis
  • facilitating communications to break down organisational and data silos
  • effectively demonstrating the allocation of limited financial resources with budget constraints
  • identifying trends and issues around resources and their deployment.

How does the ReliabilityOne® analyser work?

The analyser provides the ability to understand your historical reliability performance, identify areas for improvement and model future investment strategies by:

  • combining large volumes of data to yield immediate insights into restoration performance
  • rapidly simulating the effectiveness of improvement programs
  • optimising reliability improvement strategies within financial constraints.

San Diego Gas & Electric

It’s never been more important to minimize power supply disruptions. Find out how SDG&E made its distribution network even more reliable with iPredict™, a system that uses Big Data and Machine Learning to predict faults before they happen.

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