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Being smart with mobile health: improving patient health at a reduced cost

A combination of improved network connectivity, handsets and changing demographics is enabling people to take control of their healthcare needs through the use of mobile health, while the cost of providing the service is reduced.

Although many healthcare organisations have realised some success from mobile health, most have not captured their full potential. Those organisations yet to set out a robust mobile business strategy are missing a significant opportunity to improve patient health while reducing cost.

Improving health

Mobile business services promote the individual’s responsibility for their own wellbeing, encouraging people to manage their health more effectively, for example:

  • preventing chronic conditions from deteriorating

  • managing the risks of independent living for the vulnerable.

Mobile business services also present the perfect opportunity to extend healthcare systems, creating services such as:

  • connected devices for monitoring weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, drug adherence and activity levels

  • GPS-based devices that locate dementia patients and raise alarms for those recuperating at home

  • text-message-based notifications that help to ensure patients carry out their treatment properly as well as simple appointment reminders and use of cameras to assist in remote diagnosis.

Reducing operating cost

Enabled by technology found on even the simplest device, healthcare providers have the opportunity to create significant cost reductions. An immediate and measurable return on investment can be created by:

  • providing immediate access to real-time critical patient data

  • quickly and accurately documenting patient encounters

  • reducing the cost of the most basic call-centre interactions

  • facilitating the management and tracking of in-field assets

  • more effectively shifting customer interaction from the care centre.

It is clear that there is a growing chasm between healthcare providers that view mobile as just another communication channel and those that are using mobile solutions to transform the way they provide care. Those providers that are capitalising on mobile technology are creating the next generation of healthcare organisation, providing services to improve health, opening up new revenue streams and reducing cost.

To find out how our mobile business team can help you create a robust mobile strategy, please contact us now.

Tim Devine
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