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Airora professional air decontamination

Patented hydroxyl radical technology that destroys up to 99.9999% of pathogenic viruses and bacteria in the air

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We've teamed up with Hydroxyl Technologies Ltd (HTL) to bring Airora Professional to market. This is a patented indoor air decontamination technology that actively combats airborne and surface virus and bacterial infections, including Coronaviruses, Influenza, Norovirus, E. coli and MRSA.

Now, as NHS hospitals begin trialling Airora, Wil Schoenmakers, our Global Head of Consumer and Manufacturing, talks to Sky News’ Ian King about our role in the ground-breaking new decontamination technology.


The technology uses hydroxyl radicals, often called 'nature's detergent', which occur naturally in the open air but are absent indoors. These hydroxyls rapidly react with viruses and bacteria, destroying their cell walls and genetic material to neutralise them, without harming humans or animals.

Airora Professional uses a patented process that is unique in air decontamination. Unlike filter-based systems, which can only clean the air that passes through them, Airora creates a continual supply of hydroxyls, which sanitise the air and surfaces within an entire room, 24/7. The hydroxyls neutralise all types of viruses and bacteria, significantly reducing the risk of both air and surface borne infections.

HTL's Airora technology has been extensively tested by numerous accredited laboratories around the world, including the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA) at Porton Down. The HPA tested the technology on a tough-to-kill laboratory virus used by microbiologists as a testing model. The technology has been proven effective at killing up to 99.9999% of highly concentrated, aerosolised virus. The device can be wall, ceiling or desktop mounted in any indoor environment and works 24/7 to suppress pathogens, allowing normal life to continue without disruption.

We see major potential for this technology in reducing the likelihood of infection and disease transmission in indoor spaces, such as hospitals, care homes, other medical and veterinary facilities, business offices, schools and universities, restaurants and bars, public transport and private homes. As such, the technology is relevant to the current pandemic and any outbreaks we may become exposed to in the future, including the yearly influenza outbreak.

We're currently seeking enquiries from potential partners to manufacture and market Airora Professional under license. We are also looking for customers who would like to explore the application of Airora Professional in their organisations.


Hydroxyl radicals occur naturally outdoors and are harmless to humans, animals, plants and food


Independently tested and accredited as 99.9999% effective within five minutes of operation


Works continuously in the background without disrupting the activities within the room


The device is compact, quiet and only requires an annual cartridge replacement

how it works

Hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive molecules of hydrogen and oxygen that occur naturally in the open air. They are created when UV light interacts with water and essential oils called terpenes that plants disperse.

Hydroxyl radicals react rapidly with viruses, bacteria, pollens, and other airborne and surface-borne pathogens and toxins. For coronaviruses such as SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19), the hydroxyl radicals disrupt the lipid envelope around the virus and inactivate the protein used to enter human cells. Hydroxyl radicals also penetrate the interior of the virus and disrupt the genome (RNA content).

These reactions render the virus completely harmless and unable to infect humans and animals.

Verified by world-class laboratories.

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  • The patented technology replicates the natural atmospheric process that continuously creates hydroxyl radicals through reactions involving both UV light and terpenes. Hydroxyl radical molecules (hydroxyls), often called ‘nature’s detergent’, are found everywhere in outdoor air but don’t exist naturally indoors.

    Hydroxyls are lethal to both pathogenic viruses and bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus, MRSA, Clostridium difficile, Salmonella, Norovirus, and Influenza Virus - both in the air and on surfaces. 

    The technology’s use of terpene, a natural plant oil present in outdoor air, as a reactant creates a unique Hydroxyl Cascade, generating hydroxyls throughout a room in seconds by molecular diffusion, a process that does not require any air movement. 

    Molecules and surfaces are coated at a molecular level with the reactants through a condensing process, generating hydroxyl radicals right at the surface of a virus particle or bacteria cell, where it can destroy the pathogen on contact. 

    In succinct terms, hydroxyl radicals kill pathogenic viruses and bacteria by breaking down the lipids and proteins in their thin, delicate outer membrane and rendering them harmless to humans and animals. 

    Hydroxyl radicals also react rapidly with a wide range of pollutants to neutralise allergens, eliminate lung irritants and remove malodours.

  • Tests at the UK Government’s Health Protection Agency’s Centre for Emergency Preparedness & Response at Porton Down have shown that exposure to hydroxyl radicals created by our technology killed 99.9999% of airborne test virus in less than five minutes.

  • Yes. The technology is not specific to particular viruses or bacteria and is lethal to all pathogenic viruses and bacteria. The technology has been tested against MS2 Coliphage, the gold-standard virus surrogate used in laboratory testing, which is much more difficult to destroy than the virus that causes COVID-19. 

  • Absolutely. Hydroxyl radicals are a natural part of the outside environment, often occurring naturally in outdoor air at higher densities than are generated by our technology. Humans, like all animals, evolved alongside them, resulting in our skin and mucosal membranes providing a protective barrier that keeps them from entering our blood stream or tissues within our body.

    Hydroxyl radical generation has been approved by the FDA as a safe air cleaning technology.

    Our technology has been tested at leading independent laboratories worldwide and been shown to be both highly effective and entirely safe.

  • Yes. The technology has not only been tested in accredited laboratories around the world but also been proven as effective against bacteria and viruses in real-world situations, including a cinema, a nursing home and a café. 

  • Hydroxyl radicals are extremely fast acting. In independently verified tests, hydroxyls produced by our technology killed 99.9999% of airborne test virus in less than five minutes.

  • Others have produced rudimentary air purifiers based on hydroxyl radical cleaning. However, without our advanced patented 'Hydroxyl Cascade' technology, they are unable to reliably cascade hydroxyls throughout a whole room and onto surfaces. 

    This is because hydroxyl radicals are very reactive and short lived (typically they cease to be effective within a second) and thus cannot disperse far into a room. These devices therefore rely on cycling all the air in a room through the device, which is inefficient, slow and doesn’t clean surfaces. 

    By deploying terpene, a natural plant oil, in the air alongside hydroxyls, our advanced technology creates a Hydroxyl Cascade, reaching all the air and surfaces in seconds. As part of this process, hydroxyls are created right on the surface of airborne molecules and surfaces and destroy them on contact.

  • Yes. In addition to killing all types of viruses and bacteria, hydroxyls have other beneficial effects, including neutralising allergens (such as pollen, mould spores, dust mite excretions, pet dander and cat saliva), eliminating common lung irritants (such as ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and carbon monoxide), removing odours and even destroying ultra-fine particulates.

  • The device uses a quiet fan, so you might hear some gentle humming. Otherwise, the device is silent with no other moving parts.

    Some people may initially faintly detect the terpene, which is a pleasant and harmless essential oil that is often used in perfumes, but within minutes they will not detect any odour as noses quickly adapt to smells.

    Consumers have tested the environment created by our devices and made the following comments on the beneficial and pleasant effects: “outdoor feeling”, “on holiday by the sea”, “feel energised”.

  • No. Humans, animals, insects, and even skin flora have evolved within an environment that is rich in hydroxyl radicals and are therefore immune to their actions.

    Human skin and mucosal membranes provide a natural protective barrier that prevents hydroxyls from entering our blood stream or tissues within our body.

  • Yes, because the air in a room is constantly changing and being re-contaminated by air and people movement.

    However, because we directly clean all the air in the room, not just that which goes through the device, Airora isn't classed as an air filter and we don't need to employ a powerful but noisy fan to try and force the air in the room through the device.

  • There have been concerns that protecting children from all contact with bacteria and viruses (germs) results in them failing to develop natural resistance (‘passive immunity’) to infection.

    Bacteria and viruses killed by Airora's Hydroxyl Cascade retain what scientists call their 'antigen signature'. That means that even though they can no longer harm you, they can still induce passive immunity.

  • The device will work reliably and effectively within a wide temperature band and in conditions of both high and low internal humidity.


Hydroxyl Technologies (HTL) own multiple patents on the technology and have been developing applications over the last 15 years.

PA Consulting is a specialist in breakthrough technology development and rapid commercialisation.

Together we're seeking enquiries from potential partners to manufacture and market Airora Professional under license and from customers who would like to explore the application of this new device designed to address the COVID-19 virus and other pathogens in large and public indoor spaces.

PA is expert in combining ingenious innovation with rapid product development. To support our fight against COVID-19 and protect lives, we have a mutual goal of getting this technology into the world as soon as possible

Lorraine Baldry, Co-Founder and Chair of HTL

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