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Digital culture and capabilities

Digital-first businesses don’t isolate digital in a team or channel. They know they must think, work and behave differently across the organisation. They reshape themselves around digital opportunities and establish new capabilities, culture and skills to realise them. We help our clients make that transition. In the process, we help them take more control of their digital future.

Our insights


    Microsoft Bonsai

    Bonsai’s low-code AI can help you build autonomous systems into your industrial processes, enabling smart enterprise operations to augment your expert handlers.

    Sync NI - Tech Trailblazer: Beth Shannon

    PA Consulting’s digital expert, Beth Shannon, discusses the tech industry and what inspired her to work in this field.

    Sync NI - Tech Trailblazers: Andrew Porter

    PA Consulting’s digital expert, Andrew Porter, discusses the tech industry and what inspired him to work in this field.

What we can do for you

The better your digital capabilities, the readier you’ll be to take full advantage of ingenious technology. So, we’ll work with you to develop the skills you need to get lasting value from your investments.

We help you:

Create a digital culture

As a digital business, you’ll need to operate in a new way, using new skills and building a different culture. We’ll help you understand what that means for your organisation, find and plug the gaps, and decide the right mix of outside help and in-house staff. And we’ll work with you to embed all these changes through a culture exemplified by senior leaders.

Innovate to thrive

30 per cent of the top 10 per cent of businesses, by financial performance, are 30 per cent more likely to display agile characteristics. We'll help you to become an agile organisation. Where people work in aware, alert, inclusive and responsive teams. Where we tune into and bounce off each other, attentively and rapidly responding to our customers and competition. Always one step ahead.

Stand on your own two feet

We’ll make sure you have what it takes to function as a digital business without unnecessary external support. We'll work together in blended teams to design, build, integrate and scale digital products and services together. This will help build digital capability and confidence in your teams. We’ll also share our tools for you to use, so you’ll be able to run customer journey workshops or model business cases, for example.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We’ll help you reimagine how your organisation functions, and we’ll share the skills, structures and ways of working that will turn you into a digital-first organisation. Our experts will share their experience with your people, giving you the knowledge to achieve enduring results and go further, faster.