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Press release

PA Consulting adds new manufacturing capabilities in the US

PA Consulting welcomes a dedicated US manufacturing team to implement smart supply chain thinking and streamline value chain operations for US clients.
05 March 2020
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Fixing the footprint: achieve performance excellence in global manufacturing

Manufacturing companies need to reduce costs, improve productivity and seize opportunities across global production networks while addressing complexity as market demand shifts to new geographies.
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Why organising product teams around value will help win the digitalisation race

Focusing on shortening time to value through customer-centric, value stream-oriented cross-functional teams lets organisations deliver digital innovation at pace.
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Managing supply chain cyber risk

PA Consulting’s US manufacturing lead Shanton Wilcox and Carl Nightingale, a cyber security expert at PA Consulting, explain how to manage supply chain cyber security risks.
ML Journal
01 August 2022
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A virtuous manufacturing circle makes environmental & economic sense

Exploring how to make value chains more sustainable, instead of perpetuating ones that create pollution in developing countries before exporting it to richer ones.
Industry Europe
20 June 2020
Client Story


We've helped Notpla manufacture a 100 per cent biodegradable water bottle that aims to stop 1 billion plastic bottles reaching the ocean each year.
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Nuclear operator

We helped a nuclear operator to apply digital-twin concepts to model critical processes at its site. Digital twins enable the nuclear operator to use automation and AI to predict maintenance requirements and lower costs, prepare for the time when the site needs to purchase steam power and work towards reducing nearly 100,000 tons of CO2 generated each year.
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Milliken & Company

US-based Milliken & Company, a leading global producer of chemical additives, wants to help solve the environmental issues created by the improper management of plastics. As experts in helping organisations to become more sustainable, we’ve been working together to develop a strategy to mitigate the environmental impact of single-use plastic packaging.
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Tea Sheets

PA has created a 100 per cent plastic-free, sustainable and home compostable tea sheet, reducing the estimated 6.5 million kilograms of tea bag plastic disposed of each year in the UK

Sustainable products and packaging

Circular economy principles are at the heart of tackling climate change, biodiversity loss, waste and pollution. Rethinking how we design, make, use and dispose of the products we consume and the packaging we create is a must for any future-focused organisation.