Sustainable products and packaging

Circular economy principles are at the heart of tackling climate change, biodiversity loss, waste and pollution. 

Rethinking how we design, make, use and dispose of the products we consume and the packaging we create is a must for any future-focused organisation. New regulations are emerging across the globe, with skyrocketing compliance costs. Consumers are demanding sustainable alternatives that are simple and affordable. Businesses have made ambitious commitments, while risks and costs around supplies are increasing.

To succeed, you’ll need to partner across the value chains, adopt new business models and educate consumers.

How we can help

Consumer insights

We provide in-depth consumer insight into the various aspects of sustainability, decarbonisation and the circular economy.


We have the knowledge of evolving regulations in different geographies to help conduct impact assessments on your business by department, creating industry-specific roadmaps to prepare for regulation changes.

Circular business models

Breakthrough circular business models (waste valorisation, carbon and token credits markets, rental/leasing, sharing, buyback/resale, sustainable services/software) will help you outpace your competition. We can help with practical knowledge and turn these concepts into reality, helping your customers use your products in more sustainable ways.

Product design and development

We can help you rethink and re-imagine your products for sustainability, and develop novel product solutions by combining digital and physical materials and business models. We can help you design out waste – or create a second business line centred around waste and the carbon credits markets. And we'll help you select and source sustainable materials and create responsible product end-of-life solutions.

Sustainable packaging

We can help you find the right solution for your packaging needs, including: technology and materials assessment, packaging optimisation, sustainable materials invention, and acceleration-to-production.

For instance, see Pulpac's technology solution for pulp-based sustainable packaging, suitable for applications across pharma, food, drinks and more.

Green manufacturing

We can help you create technologies and processes from the seed of an idea to scale, optimising for sustainability while providing cost advantage and increased access to markets. We identify and introduce energy efficient processes that can fundamentally change the manufacturing sustainability footprint through a combination of applied science and engineering, efficient resource use, and improved process control using cutting edge technologies and machine learning.


We help develop circular packaging, products and business strategies, and the supporting business cases. We support business design and new-business remodelling through the application of deep industry, market, engineering and design expertise. We deliver successful scale-up of technology, and enable business model operation and commercialisation.

Partnerships, mergers & acquisitions

We can help with the evaluation and selection of potential partnerships and strategic alliance ecosystems, including due diligence, mergers and acquisitions

Capabilities building

We can help you understand the future skills and knowledge you will need to drive product sustainability, and how to embed this into the broader culture. We can create practical guidance and toolkits for your people, from design guides for product designers, to sourcing frameworks for your procurement teams.

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