The Sustainability Mindset

Why we need to think differently when designing for tomorrow

In this study, we ask the question: can a sustainability mindset accelerate innovation?

Our research shows that when individuals or organizations place sustainability values at the core of their thinking, results can be powerful. The sustainability mindset is a particular way of thinking and being – where a person or group is consciously reflecting upon their values, with intent to best respond and connect to social and environmental complexities.

We reveal insights from eight leaders in this space – from pioneering companies like Arrival, Logitech, Hiut Denim, Transparent, Finisterre, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, to authors and academics Isabel Rimanoczy and Marcelle McManus. Their shared experience reveals insights into the sustainability mindset – how it impacts innovation and how we can all achieve it.

We’ve found that adopting a sustainability mindset inevitably results in higher levels of innovation. It can help brands resonate more deeply with customers and build lasting collaborations with meaningful partners.

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