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PA Consulting adds new manufacturing capabilities in the US

05 March 2020

PA Consulting (PA), the consultancy that’s bringing ingenuity to life, welcomes a dedicated US manufacturing team to implement smart supply chain thinking and streamline value chain operations for US clients.

The team of eight, led by Shanton Wilcox, brings extensive expertise across manufacturing, including industrial, automotive, heavy equipment, and aerospace and defense, as well as operations expertise in other product-oriented industries such as consumer products and life sciences.

Business is changing fast for manufacturers globally as a result of competition, trade wars and supply chain disruptions, so companies must transform now to keep up. PA helps global manufacturers develop pragmatic approaches to capitalize on opportunities ranging from digital disruption, smart supply chains, cost out, and artificial intelligence to automation.

Shanton most recently led the manufacturing/hi-tech practice for Infosys Consulting. The rest of the team – Michael Platz, Andy Prinz, Jim Osborne, Jack Johnson, Christopher Iannacone, Drew Andrews, Scott McPhaden – also joined from Infosys Consulting where they supported manufacturing and supply chain capabilities. The team worked together on various strategy and operations improvement efforts and collectively have nearly a century of experience digitizing processes and product lines, using analytics to drive new revenue streams and after-market services, and developing a workforce for the future.

Ken Toombs, Head of Americas at PA Consulting, says: “Shanton and the rest of the team have joined PA at an exciting time. The team will help clients drive greater efficiencies and develop new business models. Their expertise will provide US clients with the tools to innovate faster, deliver better customer experience, and manage their supply chains more efficiently.”

Shanton Wilcox, US manufacturing lead at PA Consulting, says: “The team is thrilled to join PA. Its unique end-to-end innovation capabilities and strong consultant network differentiate it from competitors in the US market. As a leader in smart supply chain, PA is focused on helping manufacturers drive improvement in digital operations and services. We are looking forward to helping PA’s clients push into a new future in manufacturing.”

Consumer and Manufacturing

Consumer and manufacturing

Successful consumer, retail and manufacturing companies innovate constantly to not just stay ahead, but to build a more sustainable future.

Smart supply chain

Digital technologies are enabling and driving new possibilities in supply chains. Organizations need to take advantage of technology and data to bring new value to customers and across their wider supply chain.

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