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Gut feelings: Experts largely bullish on prebiotic sodas

By Kelly Beaton

The Food Institute

07 June 2024

PA Consulting growth strategy experts Todd Redmon and Lindsey Leikhim are quoted in The Food Institute discussing the growth potential of prebiotic sodas.

The article notes that prebiotic sodas have become a phenomenon, even if their ingredients remain a mystery to most consumers. Many industry insiders feel brands like poppi and OLIPOP are here to stay.

Todd said: “Prebiotic sodas have substantial long-term potential. Scientific research continues to uncover the benefits of prebiotics for digestive health, immunity, and even mental health.”

Prebiotic sodas utilize inulin and other sources of fiber to help feed beneficial gut bacteria. And the category’s sales have risen significantly in 2024.

However despite their healthier-for-you perception, some experts feel prebiotic sodas lack true nutritional efficacy.

Lindsey said: “It will likely be necessary for prebiotic sodas to counter the headwind around the belief that health and wellness is best addressed with ‘real’ food and drink – and lifestyle choices.”

The price of prebiotic sodas is also a barrier to entry for some consumers. A can of poppi, for example, typically costs more than $2.50.

Prebiotic sodas’ future will likely be impacted by major brands. Consider: Coca-Cola pursued an acquisition of poppi earlier this year, according to Bloomberg News.

As the market matures for sodas that support gut health, consolidation could indeed occur. For now, there appears to be ample opportunity for growth.

Todd adds: “Prebiotic sodas are more than a passing trend. They reflect a deeper shift towards health and wellness that is likely to endure.”

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