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PA Consulting and American College of Emergency Physicians partner to launch Emergency Medicine Data Institute

12 July 2022
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Time to seize the economic potential of the HIP

Christian Norris, Head Economist, and Louise Northrop, economics expert at PA Consulting, discuss the scale of the Health Infrastructure Plan’s economic benefit and the need for acceleration.
Health Business
17 November 2020
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Client Story

American Academy of Pediatrics

We worked with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to create a nationwide registry of pediatric data that could transform care for children in the US. We developed the concept for a registry, created and validated a business plan and roadmap, identified the right scalable and secure technology, reviewed and shortlisted vendors and strategized staffing. The registry will help the AAP define quality care collaboratively with the federal government, hospitals and insurers and provide benchmark data all organizations can use.

Patient Catalyst

Patient Catalyst is an AI-enabled operational decision support platform that empowers clinical staff to effectively match each patient to the next clinical activity in the pathway, delivery most effective and timely care.
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National Institute for Health Research

We developed innovative search functionality for the 8,000 people who use the NIHR’s digital hub. This saves researchers' time spent searching across different online sources and to take them directly to the data they need.
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Sphere Medical

We helped to develop an in vitro blood analyser for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients in critical care.
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Argenti, our innovative approach to technology-enabled care, is still equipping vulnerable people with technology to help them live independently at home, despite the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Leeds Teaching Hospitals

We helped Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to carry out hundreds more operations per year with the help of an innovative new scheduling tool we’ve developed to optimise the use of operating theatre time.
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Cambridge University NHS Hospitals, RENOLIT SE & The Alliance to End Plastic Waste

The NHS in England aspires to become the world’s first net zero national health service. Our team worked with over 40 organisations, including the AEPW, RENOLIT SE and the NHS, through several ideation sessions to find solutions to annually prevent 16,500 tonnes of plastic from being wasted.
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NHS England

The NHS wants to encourage housebuilders, policy makers and health authorities to build places that give people a chance to live healthier lives.
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