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Sphere Medical

Helping diagnose and monitor patients in critical care

PA helped Sphere Medical to develop an in vitro blood analyser in 9 months. Sphere Medical Ltd, one of the UK’s leading medical device / diagnostic companies, needed to develop an in vitro blood analyser for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients in critical care.

Sphere Medical - developing a novel diagnostic instrument in nine months

The instrument incorporated Sphere’s novel sensing technology and, crucially, had to be developed in extremely tight timescales.

PA responded quickly and, once selected, immediately installed a team of experienced engineers to complement and work alongside the client’s team. PA provided the software development resource and overall manager for the project.

The final result was impressive: The joint PA/Sphere team took the instrument from concept to regulatory submission in nine months – a process that, for an instrument of this complexity, might normally be expected to take at least double that time.

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