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Cutting costs versus transformation – a battle CIOs don’t have to lose

Agile, cloud and robotics can all help organisations to invest more money back into their business – and focus on innovation and product and service development.
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Rentokil’s pest control services allow businesses in these sectors to maintain those conditions, meeting strict safety standards and – ultimately – to trade. As a result of the Internet of Things (IOT), Rentokil has the ability to monitor a customer’s location 24/7 and have real-time updates on any infestation. This enables Rentokil to provide a more pro-active pest management service based on customer needs.
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Water Source

Water Source Australia is developing a decentralised water treatment facility that cleans water at the community level, a process that could revolutionise the way water is delivered to millions. We helped them create a prototype water purification system that can be installed in communities and operated remotely.
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ARIAD Pharmaceuticals

With increasing demands placed on IT, growing biopharmaceutical company ARIAD was facing intensifying challenges with their existing IT infrastructure, systems and services - constraining their ability to operate and importantly, launch a promising new lung cancer drug.
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National Institute for Health Research

We developed innovative search functionality for the 8,000 people who use the NIHR’s digital hub. This saves researchers' time spent searching across different online sources and to take them directly to the data they need.
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National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

The National Institute of Health Research, the research arm of the NHS, knew about PA's work developing a site for recruiting volunteers for dementia research. They asked if our digital experts could achieve the same success for a much wider range of diseases.
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Frimley ICS

We worked with Frimley ICS set up a data lab to generate insights from partner organisations’ data. From proof of concept to data lab set-up in just four weeks, Frimley ICS are now ready to scale up the data lab to generate more insights.
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Insurance company Ageas saw the potential for data and analytics to enhance its customer offering and market position in the markets it operates in. See our approach working with Ageas to accelerate the implementation of data analytics projects across their operating companies.

PA and Microsoft

Our industry experience and technical expertise, combined with Microsoft’s leading technology, helps solve some of the most complex challenges organisations and communities face today.

PA and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We work closely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help you create innovative, responsive and innovative business solutions that deliver enduring results.