PA and Microsoft

We collaborate with Microsoft to develop ingenious solutions that deliver measurable business results. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with innovative technology, combined with our extensive industry expertise, we help solve some of the most complex challenges organisations and communities face today.

Our Global Innovation and Technology Centre empowers our collaboration. It’s home to more than 300 of the most innovative designers, scientists and engineers with years of experience across industries, expanding creativity and invention beyond just digital.

Partnering with you to drive towards your ambitions, we deliver cloud solutions at pace, grow your teams’ skillsets and enhance your capabilities.


Autonomous solutions

We are a pioneering Azure Bonsai partner, being one of first to become a Microsoft-certified developer in this ingenious technology. Bonsai is a low-code artificial intelligence development platform that, when combined with our teams of data scientists, business insight and Global Innovation and Technology Centre, helps us bring a unique approach to transforming the way you work.

Productivity enrichment

Our agile, benefits-driven take on Office 365 and Viva deployment lands measurable and sustainable productivity improvements in as little as five weeks. We achieve this by tailoring the deployment tactics for your organisation and working closely with you to overcome any challenges.

Internet of Things

Through our cross-industry expertise on Azure IoT and our engineering experience with Azure Digital Twins, we help you gather more intelligent data to produce deep insights that drive innovative actions and uncover new opportunities.

Cloud transformation

By taking a bespoke approach, we can help you move to Azure cost-effectively and with pace. Whether you’ve been using cloud for years, are migrating from on-premises servers or are just switching to a more agile way of working, we can help ensure your transformation to the latest cloud technology delivers impactful, perceptible change to your business.

Application modernisation

We have over 100 Microsoft-certified software engineers with a wealth of experience in creating innovative, scalable and resilient software solutions. Our use of best-in-class architectures on Microsoft Azure provides enduring results for your organisation.

Data governance enhancement

PA and Microsoft both run on trust and so should your cloud services. We help put the control firmly in your hands to ensure you feel safe building processes, storage and applications that won’t be vulnerable to cyber-crime.

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