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The Law Society


Staying relevant by understanding members’ goals

The Law Society is preparing for when it might need to attract and keep members – currently solicitors in England and Wales have to join. We worked with them to help re-define what they offer to members. Instead of focusing on what kind of firm lawyers work for, they now see them as individuals with goals. Together, we developed ways to express the Society’s value in those terms. So it’s a voice that represents lawyers, a ‘career companion’ helping them progress and a ‘practice enabler’ helping them offer good service.


Key successes

  • refresh

    created a value proposition anchored to a new operating model

  • people

    helped shape how the organisation is presented and communicated to members

The customer-led revolution

The Law Society wants to make sure it offers its members services they value. Not least because while today solicitors in England and Wales have to join, that may change – meaning the society’s revenue would no longer be guaranteed. And, like other organisations, the Society is facing the ‘customer-led revolution’. Technology has changed the way people connect and relate. Organisations need to decide how to fit into their customers’ universe: the network of people and organisations who inform, inspire and influence them.

With all this in mind, the Law Society is developing a stronger membership offer, as part of a wider transformation programme. They had research into what members from different types of firm thought of its services. But there were no real differences across these different segments.

One of the real positives I found from working with PA is that this work wasn’t ‘done’ to the organisation, which in my experience of this type of consultancy can be its weakness. From the outset PA were clear that we needed to own the outcome. It wasn’t going to be something PA came up with and dropped into the organisation. We think this new outcome-based approach sets us up well to support our members and meet the challenges ahead.

Peter Liver Executive Director Membership Services,
The Law Society

Our business design experts teamed up with the Society to help them see members as individuals with goals instead. Then we worked closely with people across the organisation to express its value in those terms. So the Society is:

  • A voice that speaks for the profession – representing lawyers to protect their interests
  • A career companion – providing advice to help lawyers progress, from when they come in to the profession to when they retire
  • A practice enabler – providing learning and development to help lawyers to keep up with best practice and give clients good service
  • An informed source – providing news and information to keep lawyers up to date.

The Society now has a value proposition to anchor their new operating model, shape how they present their services and communicate with members in a compelling way.

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