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Editas Medicine


Pioneering the possible with CRISPR gene editing

Advances in gene editing technology are making it possible to modify almost any gene in human cells, which will help treat a wider range of diseases, including those currently untreated. Editas Medicine, a leading gene editing company in the US, was preparing to initiate the world's first ever clinical trial of a CRISPR-based gene editing medicine inside the human body. In a period of transition, we led their IT function, including serving as interim Head of IT, increasing digital security, and implementing new technology solutions for a growing company in a highly regulated industry. With our support, Editas was able to empower employees with technology solutions, digitize services, and ensure compliance.


Key successes

  • Provided an interim Head of IT to ensure seamless IT support during a critical transition period for the company, ensuring research and development and manufacturing work could continue

  • Developed a robust approach to compliance, ensuring processes conformed to US federal law, section 404(b) of the Sarbanes Oxley Act

  • Implemented their first validated IT system for quality document management, reducing administrative time and delivering a better experience for employees

Transforming genomic medicines

Editas Medicine is on a mission to discover, develop, manufacture, and commercialize transformative, durable genomic medicines for many diseases. As the company grows rapidly, it's navigating change – from initiating its first clinical trial and opening new offices to accommodate a workforce that had doubled in size, to developing its Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) capabilities.

At the same time a leadership transition created a gap in IT leadership that raised the risk of potential disruption to critical initiatives and employees. In addition, with the COVID-19 pandemic putting increased pressure on the IT department to provide support as workers moved to remote working, Editas needed robust IT leadership.

Driving the IT function forward

Bringing together expertise in IT leadership, strategy, governance and cyber security, we stepped in to provide support at this critical time. We provided an interim Head of IT to drive Editas Medicine's IT function forward, giving it the leadership required to ensure the business could continue to thrive.

We supported Editas Medicine as they built out two new offices. We gave guidance to ensure the process went smoothly by providing IT architecture expertise, supporting the procurement of equipment, working with the construction team to coordinate different vendors, and reporting back to the leadership board on progress. We were able to work at pace and ensured that all IT infrastructure and AV capabilities were on track for the planned new office openings.

We had to quickly pivot our approach to ensure Editas Medicine and its employees could continue to advance their mission during the COVID-19 pandemic. As most of the workforce moved to remote working, the IT team ensured employees faced minimal disruption and that critical initiatives weren't impacted. We adapted the IT support model at pace, ensuring people were equipped to work from home and had the equipment, support, and technology solutions they needed.

Empowering employees with digital services

We also enabled Editas Medicine to streamline processes, ensuring employees were able to spend more of their time on critical work. For example, we implemented Veeva QualityDocs, a quality document management system, to support their team managing controlled documents electronically for the first time. Moving this process from paper to digital reduced administrative time for employees, gave them a much better user experience, and helped ensure compliance.

Additionally, we helped Editas prepare for the next stage of its journey as a clinical company. We selected a learning management system that will enable Editas to ensure their employees are properly trained and equipped to handle the transition. We also started the selection process for an electronic trail master file system. The new system will support their clinical trial for sickle cell disease, a serious and lifelong health condition that’s caused by a gene that affects how red blood cells develop.

With our support, Editas Medicine's information technology and infrastructure are well-positioned, enabling the team to focus on developing and delivering life-changing medicines to patients in need around the world.

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We worked with @editasmed, a gene editing firm preparing to launch the world’s first ever #CRISPR-based clinical trial, to lead their IT function, provide IT architecture expertise, and strengthen their cyber security #powerofingenuity

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