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Providing advice for the procurement of electric trains in Denmark

The Danish government is driving the largest rail investment in the company’s history. As part of this initiative Danske Statsbaner (DSB) – the largest Danish train operating company which serves almost 10 per cent of Denmark’s population every day – wanted to procure up to 275 state-of-the-art electric trains. Bringing together a diverse team with expertise procurement, rolling stock and the rail sector, we helped them develop a robust procurement strategy.


Key successes

  • developed a 140-page decision paper, outlining the procurement strategy

  • transferred knowledge around essential concepts to give DSB a shared understanding and consistent knowledge base

Supporting a complex £3 billion procurement

DSB’s £3 billion procurement represents an almost total replacement and simplification of its current regional and intercity fleet. In recognition of the politically sensitive nature of this procurement, which will be exposed to considerable public scrutiny, we were asked to support the development of a comprehensive decision paper and procurement strategy.

Drawing on our team’s procurement, rolling stock and rail sector expertise, we conducted in-depth technical analyses over a 10-month period and prepared 10 technical reports that explored crucial aspects of the procurement including market state, maintenance requirements, tendering and commercial approach, change management, and programme execution. We worked closely with DSB to author the 140-page decision paper, outlining the procurement strategy. Furthermore, we transferred knowledge around essential concepts – including modern rolling stock procurement, train producer perspectives and programme governance – to DSB’s senior teams to give them a shared understanding and consistent knowledge base.

By providing deep technical insight and programme management expertise, we helped establish confidence in the Transport Ministry that DSB would be capable of carrying out the procurement in a reliable and cost-effective way.

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