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How to switch off while on holiday

By Amie Keeley

FT Ignites

02 August 2022

PA’s Chris Manning and Katherine O’Halloran, people and talent experts, are quoted in an article by Amie Keeley in FT Ignites about how workers can fully switch off while they are on holiday.

The article explains that now with widespread hybrid working, the lines are more blurred when it comes to work time and personal time.

Chris Manning says hybrid working has moved from “work-life balance to work-life blend”, and separating the two has become more challenging, placing a strain on fund professionals’ mental wellbeing.

He says digitally native Gen-Y and Gen-Z staff are struggling the most as they are more engaged with technology and dependent on it in their everyday lives.

He goes on to say: “The challenge for employers is how to manage this while enabling those who want to work outside the traditional nine to five to do so.”

Chris comments on the benefits of fully switching off: “Studies show digital detoxing leads to better sleep, improved human connection and enhanced empathy, so that approach could boost productivity and wellbeing.”

Katherine comments on what managers and organisations can do when it comes to communicating and setting expectations and boundaries.

“Managers need to regularly communicate their position on switching off and act as role models to reduce the pressure individuals may feel to be online.”

"Leaders need to understand that company culture reflects mutual beliefs, perceptions and informal obligations, and that this is often communicated in subtle ways so they need to be very clear about the requirements."

Katherine explains that firms that had a “presenteeism culture” before the pandemic have continued with the same approach to hybrid working. This has resulted in employees feeling they need to show that they are “always online and available”, including on holiday.

Read the full article in FT Ignites

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