People-Centred Organisations

Building a positive human future from workplace disruption

Organisations are increasingly turning to new technologies to reduce costs, increase revenues and improve the quality of goods and services. But there’s much more to making a success of emerging technology than plugging it in and switching it on.

Success hinges on the human factor. By connecting their workforce to these new technologies, business leaders and HR professionals can create more jobs, not less, provide more interesting roles and unleash the ingenuity of their people.

Our approach

We create competitive advantage from disruption in the workplace through an approach that focuses on four key areas.

Future of work
Harness the blended capabilities of people and technology to drive better outcomes
Employee experience
Create an environment that drives enjoyment through resilience, continuous transformation, learning, and inclusion and diversity
People technology
Drive performance through people analytics, collaborative virtual work environments, platforms and social networks
Agile HR
Enable fluid approaches to organisational and people management

HR is the key to unlocking the transformational benefits of AI and automation

of organisations have invested in AI and automation in the last five years
of organisations implementing AI and automation over the past five years have seen more jobs as a result (40 per cent saw a reduction in jobs)
of employees spend more time on learning new things thanks to AI and automation


Shape a people strategy for AI and automationShape a people strategy for AI and automation
Work with operations and technology leaders to consider how the workforce will need to change to work effectively alongside machines.
Design future-focused careers
Ensure opportunities are taken to use AI and automation to create meaningful, stimulating and high-quality jobs.
Embed innovation in your DNA
Develop a culture that supports innovation and adaptability.
Co-create workforce solutions
Consult employees affected by AI and automation on how best to design and implement the new systems.
Identify tomorrow’s skills, today
Plan and provide training and support for employees to ensure learning keeps pace with technology, recognising the evolving skills needed for success.
Bust myths and communicate the positives
Bust the fallacy of new technologies taking jobs and convey the positive benefits of new technologies around wellbeing and personal development.

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