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Podcast: Digital innovation in healthcare

Troels Andersen

By Troels Andersen

Dansk IT Podcast

12 October 2023

Digital innovation in healthcare requires interaction between the cold hands of systems management and the warm hands of patient-centered care.

Healthcare insight and digital innovation must go hand in hand if we are to develop a modern and future-proof Danish healthcare system. This is what PA expert in health and the public sector, Troels Andersen, helps to focus on in the third podcast episode from Dansk IT about the future of healthcare. He explores this theme together with Charlotte Østergaard von Magius, project manager and academic employee at the Innovation Laboratory at” Rigshospitalet” - a highly specialised hospital in Denmark, and Kirsten Morre Slot Vinther, chief consultant at Lakeside.

In this podcast they discuss why the "hot" and "cold" elements need to work closely together in the development of the healthcare system, and focus on how both clinical expertise, technology and innovation can be brought into play when laying the foundations for the future.

Listen to the podcast episode in Danish here.

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