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Podcast: Digitisation in healthcare

Troels Andersen

By Troels Andersen

Dansk IT podcast

13 March 2023


The healthcare system is under massive pressure: Can digitisation be the answer?

The Danish healthcare system is a central part of the welfare society. However, the demographic development, where there are fewer people of working age, while the number of elderly people is increasing, poses a significant challenge.

Already today, there is a serious shortage of staff in hospitals and in care for the elderly, and as more and more citizens in the coming years will need help from the healthcare system, the challenges will only grow. It is a serious situation that calls for action on many levels.

In this episode of the podcast Digital innovation in health care, PA's health expert Troels Andersen takes a closer look at how digitisation can be brought into play as a way of future-proofing the healthcare system. He does it with Klaus Larsen, Director of Digitisation and IT in Region North Jutland and expert member of the Robustness Commission. Among other things, they discuss how new technology and digitisation are already being used today – and what role digitisation will play in the coming years.

They also talk about which strategic choices are central if we are to be able to take digitisation to the next level and thus secure a foundation for the healthcare system of the future.

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