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Business services

Our approach

Organisations are challenging business services to be more cost conscious, more efficient, more flexible, more strategic and more responsive to help the wider business deal with the changes and uncertainty technology and higher customer expectations drive.

We have deep experience working with world-leading partners to deliver excellence in business services and helping them through these challenges. Because we bring together diverse teams of experts with deep industry knowledge, our experience extends across sectors, from supporting initial movers in FMCG to helping innovators in life sciences and financial services.

We work with organisations of all scales, from global conglomerates to single market specialists. This has given us a sense of the ‘art of the possible’ and knowledge of the practical constraints in delivering transformational work in business services.

We don’t believe in ‘out of the box’ solutions. Unlike our competitors, we work with you throughout the transformation journey, using our expertise to develop a unique solution tailored to your needs. With no ties to any business process outsourcers or service providers, our impartial advice focuses solely on getting enduring results for you.


What we can do for you

We help you develop efficient, flexible, innovative business services that support your strategic goals, including:

Global business services

  • Establishing your business services strategy, clearly defining your objectives and identifying the best route to achieve success
  • Making the journey from functional and multi-functional shared services to fully integrated services which are customer-centric and improve service quality
  • Delivering continuous improvement and optimising the operating model through data-driven insights.

Sourcing and business process outsourcing

  • Creating a seamless service ecosystem through the right sourcing arrangements, managed either in-house or by an external provider
  • Managing relationships so you get the best from your providers
  • Turning around distressed or failing contracts, including helping you decide whether to re-align or re-source.

Functional transformation

  • Designing and implementing a futureproof operating model for your support functions, such as finance, HR and procurement , tailored to your business
  • Making your processes more effective, resilient and customer-aligned
  • Understanding the cost of providing products and services, and benchmarking against industry standards
  • Reducing costs, improving cash-flow and enhancing working capital.

Automating your business services

  • Identifying and implementing new technologies while ensuring they reduce cost, increase quality and put your customer at the heart what you do
  • Making the right investment decisions and enhancing productivity through ERP, automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Client stories

How we’ll work with you

We believe in partnership, not service provision. So, we’ll work collaboratively with you using a ‘one-team’ approach. Our experts know first-hand what it's like to be part of an organisation where business services are changing. They really understand the specific challenges you face. By combining ingenious thinking with breakthrough technologies, we’ll help you explore new ways of doing things that create competitive advantage.


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