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Explore. Design. Build.

Together, we innovate for impact.

Design has always been about envisioning exceptional brands and products.

And now, at a time when the speed and quality of innovation is critical to business success, design can offer so much more.

By amplifying design with science and engineering, we conceive and deliver ingenious new products, services and experiences, driving innovation further, faster.

Our clients partner with us because together, we:

See what others can’t

We listen first, ask the right questions and uncover unseen opportunities. Our teams combine a deep understanding of how humans think, feel and act with a mastery of technical and commercial factors to consider the full picture and devise innovative solutions.

By reimagining beauty tools and how they are used, we realised Guide Beauty’s mission to make easy, confident makeup application possible for everyone.


Achieve the impossible

Nothing inspires ingenuity in design more than a strong sense of purpose. Whether working to save lives, transform industries, or delight customers, we relish tough challenges and thrive in uncharted territory. We establish a shared purpose with our clients and don’t rest until we’ve found the path to their destination.

When the UK government urgently needed thousands of new ventilators, we assembled and led a multidisciplinary taskforce to rapidly design and manufacture enough for everyone in need.


Get there quicker

With end-to-end innovation capabilities under one roof, our design teams not only conceive ingenious ideas, but can also build them, build the machines that make them and the businesses that sell them. This means we design with the destination in mind from the start, addressing any challenge efficiently and effectively.

By tackling industrial design and technology development in parallel, our team took the Hydrow rowing machine from entrepreneurial spark to business success in fifteen months.


Disrupt the status quo

Whether the impulse for change is sustainability, digitalisation or other customer expectations, impactful innovation doesn’t come from solving just one problem. We apply insight gleaned from decades of experience spanning disciplines, technologies and industries to transform inventive ideas into multifaceted, industry-changing solutions.

We transformed TeakOrigin’s vision and technology, revolutionising the way both consumers and retailers buy produce.


Create the future

We are innately curious, constantly exploring the world to find new and unexpected ways to improve the human experience. Our dedication to understanding the next challenge, and the challenge after that, brings the future into focus for our clients. We intuit, understand and create what’s next before it’s here.

Working with visionary scientists and entrepreneurs at Wildtype, we created a brand that reframes the future of cell-cultivated foods and makes new choices feel familiar.


Full spectrum design expertise

Our design teams have the skills and experience to ignite innovation: from medical devices that save lives to the latest must-have consumer products, from reimagined user experiences to award-winning digital applications.

Human Insights


Innovation Strategy


Brand Strategy & Design

Brand Strategy
& Design

Service Design


Digital Design & Development

Digital Design
& Development

Product Design & Engineering

Product Design
& Engineering

A global design community

Inspired design and designers are at the heart of our business. With over 75 years of design heritage encompassing world-firsts and iconic products, our teams have shaped the world of today and are creating the world of tomorrow.

We’re an integrated team spanning across our headquarters in London, UK, our Global Innovation and Technology Centre in Cambridge, UK, and our US studios in San Francisco and Boston. Wherever you go, you’ll meet people passionate about tackling tough challenges through design.

Over the last few years, we've welcomed award-winning, globally recognised teams to expand our design capabilities. Most recently, Design Partners, blending award-winning strategic consulting and product design for a full suite offering. Before that Astro Studios, creating multi-dimensional brands and consumer products, Cooper Perkins, converting inventive ideas into innovative products through engineering, Essential Design, applying strategy, design and engineering to solve challenging problems across industries, and Sparkler, revealing market-leading understanding of how consumers think and behave in the digital world.

We’re creators, inventors, listeners, investigators, builders, and dreamers—all bound together by the shared purpose to build a positive human future.

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Street wise

Dan Toon, PA's design and innovation expert, discusses the EV chargepoint concept and PA's other design work.

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Creative capital is the secret sauce, not venture capital

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Electric vehicle chargepoints set to become next great British emblem

Using the power of design to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission road transport

Together with the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles and The Royal College of Art, we designed an innovative EV chargepoint that has the potential to change the way we travel.

Innovation Leader - New research on how design can build competitive advantage

New research on how design can build competitive advantage

PA Consulting’s US Design and Engineering Lead John Edson explains how members of the C-suite can support design, and discusses the role of design in large organisations.

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