Business intelligence for pharmaceutical companies: leap ahead with CLASS

Pharmaceutical companies can make better decisions with CLASS (Clinical and Safety Signal), a business intelligence and compliance technology designed to aggregate, analyse and assemble real world data for pharmaceutical companies.

CLASS - Clinical and Safety Signal
CLASS - Clinical and Safety Signal

CLASS business intelligence and compliance technology lets you:

  • Plug-in your data to the real world matrix
  • Design customized solutions to meet unmet needs
  • Deliver intelligence and insights for better decisions
  • Outsource external data management and focus on strategy.

In just 3 clicks, teams could:

  • Access >120 sources of relevant data
  • Link company, drug, disease, patient genomics, and regulatory info
  • See your competitor’s pipeline
  • Find your next target acquisition
  • Compare effectiveness between products
  • Conduct observational and outcomes research
  • Access background incidence and competitor safety profile
  • Uncover key insights without reading thousands of sources.

CLASS business intelligence and compliance technology delivers real-world insights for pharmaceutical companies

  • Why spend the time, money and effort to build technology to manage external data?
  • What could CLASS do for you today?
  • How would you leap ahead with CLASS?

What leading pharmaceutical companies say about CLASS business intelligence and compliance technology

“We have seen the demos of 30 other business intelligence solutions vendors and we have not seen anything of this calibre yet. This is an eloquently built data transformation tool. We were pleasantly surprised by the logic behind the demo.”

Top Pharmaceutical Company

“CLASS could become the repository of choice for all raw data, benchmarking metrics & transparency data.”

Government Healthcare Innovation Leader

“CLASS is sophisticated, fast, and impressive. Have you shown this to any of our competitors yet? Are we the first?”

Pharmaceutical Company

“What you’ve built is a way for Pharma to use this technology to reposition drugs by showing comparative superiority. This data can support a change in the label.”

Regulatory Agency Leader

“This is of great interest to Pharma and major interest for Business Development teams.”

Top Pharmaceutical Company

“It’s impressive. I can already see 5-6 use cases for our company. Let me set up a meeting with my Business Analytics Leadership Team to discuss this with PA Consulting Group.”

CIO of Specialty Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Company

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