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Transforming agriculture

with data-driven insights

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Where next for agriculture?

There’s a race to seize the opportunities presented by digital agritech.

Digital technologies that capture, process and interpret data are transforming agriculture, enabling the sector to become more productive and efficient than ever before.

Why the excitement?

Big names in the machine and equipment and agriscience sectors are now fully alert to the opportunities from digital agritech.

They’re looking to collaborate with technology companies and start-ups, analysing data from different sources to unlock new insight and help farmers make smarter decisions.

Our study

We’ve investigated 11 established businesses and 200 start-ups and technology companies active in digital agritech – to show how to prosper in a fast-maturing market where only the fittest will survive.

Our report highlights how players of all sizes must now harness the power of data to make smarter and faster decisions.

For major companies

We've investigated:

  • how and why different types of companies are investing
  • how the market is developing
  • which names are beginning to dominate.

For start-ups and technology companies

We've explored:

  • how they're creating value from data
  • how they'll generate revenue
  • where they're getting their funding.

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Our key insights:

  1. Value now lies in creating and integrating smart data – but many companies focus on one part of the data chain
  2. Collaboration is imperative to seizing the agritech opportunity – companies that fail to do so will get left behind
  3. The prize of ‘dominant platform’ is yet to be won – leaders are emerging, but the race is still on
  4. Most start-ups and technology players – 75 per cent – lack a visible sustainable revenue model
  5. Market consolidation means start-ups and technology companies need a plan for survival.

The next big revolution will come from exploiting data

Digital agritech can create value for stakeholders throughout the agricultural value chain. Digital technologies, including in-field sensors, drones and satellites, now capture data from farms across continents.

For players big and small, the ambition is now to turn data into value – to help players across the agricultural ecosystem take precise actions and improve efficiency further.

Almost all start-ups or technology companies in the agritech space build their businesses around one or more of three types of data-related activity:

Data capture/generation

  • Sensors
  • Imaging

Data processing and management

  • Data analytics/algorithms
  • Exchange/platform
  • Data storage/cloud

Decision support and implementation

  • Software
  • Hardware

The race to become the dominant platform

Integrated solutions link data capture and analysis to decision support and implementation, to maximise benefit for users. Established companies are all developing platforms that offer farmers easy access to a full range of products and services. Each wants to become the go-to provider – and leaders are emerging.

Download our report to explore all our insights

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