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The customer-led revolution

Responding to Customer 4.0 – where empowered and outcome-focused customers are at the centre of their own universe

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The Customer 4.0 Revolution

The world has changed. Proliferating choice and hyper-connectivity mean customers are more empowered than ever. Technology and generational dynamics have changed the way people connect and relate, placing customers at the centre of their own universe – the network of people and organisations who inform, inspire and influence them.

Watch the video to find out what factors influence your customers
Watch the video to find out what factors influence your customers

A customer-driven shift

For as long as there have been customers and providers, the power balance between them has tended to favour the latter – shaping and dictating the relationship through changing eras of customer interaction. Customer 4.0 sees a more empowered customer who can choose who helps them achieve their outcomes.

Why this matters

Your customers are likely living in a 4.0 world already. From fresh thinking market disruptors to adaptive mature organisations, the key to continuing relevance is the ability to constantly review how value is created and delivered to enable better outcomes for customers.


start their purchase process without knowing what they’ll buy


are loyal to brands when re-purchasing²


trust the opinion of strangers online³

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Are you ready for the Customer 4.0 revolution?

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Mapping the customer's universe

To succeed with Customer 4.0, you need to understand and apply the new rules of engagement. We believe this starts with re-visioning your business model around your customer.

This means reversing the logic of brand and customer experience enticement, and deciding how you’re going to fit into your customer’s universe

How we can help

Applying proven methods and approaches, we will help you innovate around your Customer 4.0.

  • ‘Think big’ when it comes to the strategic implications of Customer 4.0
  • ‘Start small’ with iterative, insight-driven offering innovation
  • ‘Scale fast’ to deliver change and reap the benefits

Your organisation

Ready for action

Organisational agility makes it possible to adapt to customers and competition. To attract and keep the best people. To get one step ahead. And our research proves that leads to top-tier financial performance.

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