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Smart ticketing

Act fast, build smart, delight passengers

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Smart ticketing promises significant passenger experience improvements, from simpler ticket purchase to easier transition across modes of transport. 

For operators, additional upsides range from better revenue protection to helping cities and regions optimise existing capacity.

To realise these benefits, passenger experience must be central to smart ticketing initiatives, to reduce the risk of fragmented solutions and guarantee passenger uptake.    

So, what needs to be done to achieve smart ticketing success?

Get on and do something

Change is happening already. Citymapper, Uber and ZipCar are shifting passenger expectations and smart devices and contactless payments are revolutionising how they plan and pay for journeys.

Effective schemes will need careful structuring, benefits realisation plans and a robust governance structure, but swift action is essential.

The opportunity must be seized as early as possible to reap the rewards. 

Smart ticketing

Build something that will adapt

Technologies for smart ticketing are still evolving, so flexibility must be built into the system. 

The best programmes are able to absorb the best new technologies that emerge during the delivery lifecycle. 

Operators and governments should plan and build for future integration and continuously monitor emerging passenger-centric technologies.

Smart ticketing

Focus on the customer

Technology plays such a key role; it can become the focus of smart ticketing initiatives. Only solutions that passengers love to use will offer sustainability and value from major investment. 

Successful smart ticketing initiatives allow passenger experience to drive technology decisions, not the other way round.  

The ambition must always be to develop products that deliver a brilliant passenger experience in everything you build, right from the start.

Smart ticketing

how we can help you

With over 20 years’ experience of helping deliver end-to-end smart ticketing systems, and unique expertise in technology and innovation, we excel in:

Programme development: We can build your strategy, develop your business case and prepare your plans for delivery, drawing on our experience at the forefront of smart ticketing.

Technical design: We can assess and develop cutting-edge technology, and design your technical solution from concept through to delivery.

Implementation: We can manage the delivery of your programme to help you realise your vision for a modern, efficient smart ticketing solution.

Assurance: We can give you the confidence that all suppliers associated with your programme are delivering effectively.

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