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Sustainable success calls for better cross-sector collaboration

For transport leaders, the COVID-19 pandemic heralded a new era of uncertainty and unpredictability, demonstrating that travel habits are not as fixed as the transport industry’s strategists and planners assumed.

Now, as leaders contend with the ongoing impact of the pandemic, they must also consider a range of other issues: economic uncertainty, short-term liquidity issues, shifting customer habits, and the need to work towards long-term sustainability and net zero goals, as well as the levelling up agenda.

In the wake of these external pressures, what do transport leaders need to do to secure their own future, achieve key national objectives, and deliver for customers?

Key themes

To secure their own future, and to make the sector central to the achievement of key sustainability objectives – be they social, economic, or environmental – transport leaders need to break away from single-mode thinking, building on the lessons learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, a mindset of collaboration and shared improvement can drive better outcomes for them, their customers, and for society.

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