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IoT security

Securing the Internet of Things and connected devices

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Time to close the security gap

The benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) are well known – from improving operational efficiency to gaining a greater competitive edge in the market. But the rise of the IoT and connected devices brings a new security challenge for organisations, with high-profile cyber-attacks fast becoming the norm.

Rapidly developing technologies, a lack of standards and legislation, and the use of commercial technology in business and industry make IoT security complex. To meet the challenge, organisations need to build security into their products and services 'by design', not as an afterthought.

With revenues, reputation and customers at stake, it's time to close the security gap.

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How can you protect your organisation from cyber threats?

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We combine market-leading expertise in IoT, digital trust and cyber security with an in-depth understanding of the cyber threats and vulnerabilities in different industries. From energy and utilities to consumer products and financial services, we help our clients to identify risks and protect against them, while building sustainable cyber security.

We offer:

  • IoT security health check
    A rapid, practical risk assessment for your end-to-end IoT system. Our health check incudes confidentiality, privacy, resistance to compromise and misuse, reliability and availability, data integrity, non-repudiation of software, authentication of firmware updates, and scalability.

  • IoT secure architecture development 

    An end-to-end approach ensuring an IoT architecture that's 'secure by design'. We identify the required technical security controls and include them in the architecture alongside business-related controls like incident response, business continuity and privacy.

  • Expert security testing
    Tailored cyber security assessments for your IoT ecosystem. Through 7Safe, our technical services and cyber education business, our CREST-certified penetration testers tailor cyber security assessments for your IoT devices, systems, applications and infrastructure. We help find vulnerabilities before they're exploited by cyber attackers.

  • Privacy and data protection
    Impact assessments, frameworks and regulatory support for IoT data. Our data privacy experts help you ensure your IoT systems protect personal information. This includes privacy impact assessments, information protection and privacy frameworks, and legal and regulatory compliance (including the EU GDPR).

 We are pleased to be a member of the IoT Security Foundation.

Who we've helped

A major oil and gas producer

We developed a secure remote connectivity platform to provide real-time information to the fleet of drilling rigs around the world. This secure platform has been the basis for increased operational effectiveness, improved safety and lower operating costs.

A European government department

We conducted a comprehensive threat assessment and security test of airport security equipment and devices, finding several vulnerabilities. We then developed guidance for manufacturers and airports to design security into connected equipment and deploy it securely.

Global device manufacturer and service provider

We created an end-to-end, secure IoT platform architecture that can support over 100 million devices. The architecture included PKI, requirements for code signing and validation, secure device boot, use of cloud services and data privacy, security monitoring, business continuity, scalability of services and networks.

National power grid

We carried out a risk assessment of the impact that the IoT and connected devices would have on the national electricity grid.

UK energy suppliers

We carried out a cyber security risk assessment on the SMETS1 smart metering implementation. This helped all energy suppliers understand the risks associated with the deployment of smart meters, and the security controls required to address them.

Leading heating and cooling systems company

We conducted a major review of their business and security architectures, mobile app coding and cloud functionality.

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How can you protect your organisation from cyber threats?

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