Argenti Care Technology

Improving adult social care while reducing costs

Sustaining the future with care technology

With less money available for social care and more people than ever needing it, there’s a growing realisation that technology can help fill the void.

Argenti, our innovative approach to technology-enabled care, gives advanced automated support to those in need 24 hours a day and connects care workers to service users for better, more efficient care.

Why care technology?

High-quality adult care is critical for millions of people. But for many, it can feel like they’re losing their independence. And care providers are struggling with the costs of one-to-one support.

With care technology, people can manage their own needs. Technology acts as a safety net, helping them live normal lives and stepping in when they need more support.

Argenti: strengthening independence through innovation

Councils and citizens are benefiting

Our Argenti care partnership maximises care technology for service users. By increasing independence and reducing reliance on others, we help them live the lives they want to lead.

We combine technology, innovation and strategies to transform how we support people, assessing each individually to find the most effective telecare system for them.

We’ve been taking this approach for seven years and it’s already seeing results:

£20m net savings
total net savings achieved for our clients
35,000 solutions
care technology solutions provided since 2013
2,400+ practitioners
health and social care practitioners trained and certified
9 of 10 workers
social care workers say Argenti is "good" or "very good" at achieving desired outcomes
91% of users
surveyed feel that care technology has increased their feeling of "safety and security"
97% of users
surveyed would "recommend the service to others"

Our awards

TSA Crystal Award 2015 - Winner: PA Consulting
TSA Crystal Award 2016 - Winner: PA Consulting
LGC Award 2016 - Winner: Hampshire County Council
The MJ Award 2017 - Winner: Hampshire County Council
ITEC Award 2018 - Innovation in TEC - Winner: PA Consulting
ITEC Award 2018 - Individual TEC Leadership - Winner: Steve Carefull, PA Consulting
ITEC Award 2019 - Impact in TEC Team - Winner: PA Consulting

How we maximise value

We work closely with you to drive deep and sustainable transformation by taking four steps that embed care technology services in adult social care:

  1. Show top leadership care technology’s potential
  2. Work with care practitioners to define good outcomes
  3. Simplify the referral process
  4. Track the performance of care technology.

A more connected future

More people are owning more connected devices, opening new opportunities to improve telecare further. Our technology innovation expertise and annual reviews of individual care needs mean we’re ready to seize these opportunities and transform even more lives.

Capability and expertise

We are strategic partners with TSA (TEC Services Association) recognising our position as proven leaders of service transformation, service delivery and business development in Care Technology and Adult Social Support and Care. We are accredited by the TSA for our work.

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