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UK government: Digital outcomes & specialists framework

PA is one of the leading providers of services to the public sector, having successfully delivered hundreds of programmes and projects for public bodies. We offer insight, innovation and implementation – with real impact. We are creative and disruptive innovators who use structured and unconstrained thinking to deliver pragmatic and transformative outcomes.

Our submission for the UK government’s Digital Outcomes and Services 2 Framework has been successful and we are eligible suppliers for all four categories of the UK government's Digital Outcomes and Specialist 2 Framework with deep experience in all areas and a focus on driving outcomes.

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Digital outcomes in the public sector

Our multi-disciplinary teams have been at the heart of a wide range of public sector programmes and projects. We draw on a wide range of capabilities to deliver cost effective and people-centric digital outcomes from vision to implementation.

Our teams have deep expertise and experience across:

  • Service delivery
  • Software development
  • User research
  • User experience & design
  • Testing & auditing
  • Support & operations
  • Performance analysis & data
  • Security

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Our digital specialists

PA is able to offer a full range of specialists who are experts at delivering within agile, user-focused, multi-disciplinary and multi-supplier teams. Our people have experience across government and the public sector and focus on delivering results - from Discovery, through Alpha and Beta phases, preparing for launch, and then running and iteratively improving live services.

We can offer specialists in the following disciplines across the UK:

  • Agile coach
  • Business analyst
  • Content/copy designer
  • Cyber security specialist
  • Delivery/project manager
  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Communications specialist
  • Performance analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Product manager
  • Programme delivery manager
  • Quality assurance 
  • Service manager
  • Technical architect
  • User researcher
  • Web operations engineer

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Research studios and participants

We ensure that our clients build their digital services around their users and citizens by taking a user-centred approach, chosen by insights gained in face-to-face and remote feedback sessions. 

We use a range of facilities across the UK where we can bring participants who best reflect your users to understand their needs and test digital prototypes, designs or new services.

“If it doesn’t work for the citizen, it doesn’t work.”

Working together under the DOS 2 framework

No matter which part of the DOS 2 framework you are working under, we have tools, specialists, and partnerships in place to deliver the digital outcomes you are looking for.

Step 1 You identify your needs
You need… …a team of specialists to deliver your project …specific skillsets to complement your team …studio facilities to capture user interaction …test participants with specific user profiles
Step 2 You publish your brief via the Digital Marketplace
Step 3 We respond to the requirements of your brief
A written proposal responding to your brief
Our track record and client references
Proposed timelines and costs
CV’s, roles and responsibilities, and rates
Interviews with our specialists
Search strategy for recruiting user profiles
Search strategy for recruiting user profiles
Recommended stimulus materials

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Please get in touch to find out how we can help you design and deliver your digital programme or to speak further with one of our digital specialists.

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