Innovation culture: There’s no stopping you

Challenging mindsets to accelerate innovation

Innovation is required for energy networks to cost-effectively enable the transition to net zero. But what role does innovation culture play in supporting this?

This report, as part of a project commissioned by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) in collaboration with Ofgem and participating energy networks, is based on a series of interviews and surveys with energy networks and external industry stakeholders.

Its findings challenge myth-based mindsets that are potentially limiting individual organisations, and the wider industry, from enhancing innovation culture – while showcasing what an exemplar innovation culture that will help meet net zero targets looks like.

The time is now, and there’s no stopping you

In addition to exploring common myths related to innovation culture, this report recommends focus areas to move the industry forwards, as well as seven actions which are within the control of individual organisations. These actions at a high level also hold true for other organisations across the industry, including Ofgem.

  1. Be clear on the importance of innovation and bring to life the required mindsets and behaviours
  2. Define the incentives and systems to encourage innovation
  3. Lean into the innovation and operational excellence paradox
  4. Build on and amplify success
  5. Reinforce the message from the top; actions speak louder than words
  6. Reflect and act on the specific areas of opportunity for your organisation
  7. Embrace the task of driving change across the industry through collaboration.

While focused on energy networks, we believe that the findings, including the seven proposed actions, will resonate with other regulated sectors including, but not limited to, water, transport and nuclear.

How we can help

Our team of experts have specialist knowledge and experience in driving innovation, shaping cultural change and supporting energy networks and regulated businesses. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you to:

Understand your organisational or industry innovation culture
We run training, diagnostics, bespoke analysis, and interactive engagement sessions to help define, assess, and improve the human factors that enable innovation in your organisation or across your industry using our dedicated sector experts.
Reshape the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ dimensions of your innovation culture 
We offer tailored and thoughtful support for shifting your existing culture through empowering your people, innovation leadership coaching, and behavioural interventions, such as enhancing psychological safety, as well as through refining innovation processes and governance.
Develop breakthrough innovations
We have an integrated team of designers, engineers, and scientists across our network, including our Global Innovation and Technology Centre, where we create, prototype, test, and build technology-based solutions to our client’s most important challenges.
Regulate for innovation
We advise on creating regulatory environments that nurture smarter innovation and help businesses to succeed and focus on the most complex challenges, such as net zero.

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